Youths, Transformed Through Education

By Amarachi Okpunobi

Albert Eistein once said, ‘education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school’. Malcom X also said that education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’, and I truly believe that this is the legacy Anambra State government has passed and is still passing onwards to the young people. Education!

Anambra State has written her name on the sands of time and also written her history evidently on the walls of life. She has continued to uphold her youth in high esteem and created a safe space for them.

Every year, 12th Augus,t the youths are being celebrated globally as the world marks her International Youth Day. The Theme of this year is Transforming Education and it was an epoch making event at Alex Ekwueme Square Awka on 20th August, 2019 as the Anambra State Government invited dignitaries to speak and interact with the youths.

Fides was there on the streets to fetch the opinions of the Nigerian youths on what their thoughts are over some issues.

Here are some of the extracts…

Ifesinachi Sabina Okonkwo

Is youth day worth celebrating?
Yes! It is. I think this is the first time they are doing it in this big way in Anambra state. I am so happy to be part of it and more so that I am from Anambra. I also want to give a shout out to Anambra State Government and the State Commissioner for Youth Empowerment and others who contributed to the success of this celebration.

What do you think Anambra Youth should do to improve the state of the country?
In my own opinion, I think the youths of Anambra State should make themselves more available . We should get skills so that when we approach the government they will be able to help us. More so, some of the youths should be able to approach positions at least for the ‘Not Too Young To Run’ Bill, I think we should embrace it.

As a youth in Anambra, what are you doing to make the state better?
I am actually still a student but then in my own little way, I still contribute to the betterment of the state and the country at large. I am the president of my department and I try to be a form of motivation to other youths and live to a standard so that, at the long run they would look at me and say that I have tried.


Ezefunamba Ifeanyi
Media Aide, Local Government Chairman Orumba North

Is youth day worth celebrating?
Yes! It’s worth celebrating. There’s a saying that goes, ‘we are the youths of tomorrow’ but believe you me, that era is gone. We are in the phase that says ‘we are the youths of today’. So if you do not celebrate something and nurture it, it withers. So whatever think you have and celebrate, it improves. So celebrating the youths makes them know that you love and you have them in mind and you want to do more for them.

What do you think Anambra Youth should do to improve the state of the country?
Well, I would say that the basic thing Anambra youth should do is to improve on their talents and skills . We do not need to wait on government for so long. Just improve on your talent, you will definitely be different from what ever field you are found.


Mrs Oluka Ukamaka (employee)

Why are you here for today?
Alright, I came with Didipreneurhub, that’s the Ifeanyi Aniagor team, to celebrate the 2019 International Youth Day in Anambra State.

Is Youth day worth celebrating?
Of course, it’s worth celebrating. A lot of people in Anambra came here and they are doing a lot of things that is worthy of example so it’s a good thing.

What has this celebration impacted in you?
It has given me a lot of opportunities to meet and network with people, dignitaries and others who are really skilled and I think its a platform to show one or two things they are good at.

As a Nigerian youth, what have you contributed to make Nigeria better?
Uhmmm! I love social orientation.Because a lot of things are going on wrongly among children, teenagers and youths, I intend to do a mentorship for these group of people. So I intend to contribute to the reorientation of the society and the youths.


Okeke Nkiruka (Student)

Is youth day worth celebrating?
Yes! It is worth the celebration.

As an Anambra Youth, what are your expectations for the youths?
I expect that by this time next year the youth of Anambra State will be upgraded to greater heights and level with the seriousness in them, especially in the last concluded Digiweek2019, things will be better and a lot of innovation and entrepreneurs will be raised in our state.

What do you think should be done to encourage youths with regards to education?
Encourage those who are outstanding in their academics, make them feel high when they strive to surpass already set standard with their high grades. Encourage them and celebrate them publicly.


Okandu Valentine (District Rotaract Representative, District 9142)

What do you think the Educational sector can do to improve the Youth?
It’s true, life isn’t all about what the country or world can give to you but what impact you can make or what you can give to the country or world. As a Nigerian Youth what can you do to improve the Country? One of the problems we face is focusing on the flaws of others and looking for a way to change them. Forgetting that we can also be a reason for their irrationality and cruelty I would say, working on myself is key, because I might be the only Holy Book others read. How I think and act goes a long way in influencing the lives of others. One man can cause a change begins with you.

Is Youth day worth celebrating?
Yes, youth day should be celebrated. I mean, we have father’s, mother’s and children’s day. Beinning equitable, it should also be celebrated. Youths are the pillars of every organization or nation and should be recognized.