My Untold Story

My name is Amina Ibrahim. A native of Garu Chibok Town, Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State, Nigeria. I am a Christian. I am a girl child and I love that identity. I am this girl with great ...

Jan 26, 2018

Red Lights

On a very good Monday morning, I was on transit passing through the Eke Awka round-about. As early as it was, there was enough traffic congestion to remind me that I was in Awka, the capital city o ...

Jan 19, 2018

Welcome to Nigeria

I was in SS2 when a Corp member told us of his of journey into the University. He had written JAMB for eight good years without admission. Not that he was not intelligent or that he wasn't reaching ...

Jan 12, 2018

Life of an Ex-convict

A few months ago, Iwas talking with an acquaintance from the Nigerian Army about the youth and social behaviours. We talked about drugs and addiction and he suddenly asked me a very unexpected ques ...

Dec 22, 2017



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