Yes, You Voted Your Conscience.

By Fr Kizito Umennadi

November,6 2021 a day to remember

Ndị Anambra trooped out en masse

To elect a new governor for Ndị Anambra.

A worthy leader to occupy Agụ Awka.

To rescue, rebuild and hope restore.

For months you lived and drank fear

Conflicts, anarchy, naysayers, doomsday and all.

Claims of counter-claims and charges

‘No Election’,’No Election’,a weird song.

Defeaning your already dead psyche.

Yes,i voted at Aguluezechukwu

Ward 1, Pooling Booth 006 it is.

At 10:55am dropping ballot paper into box

A choice invevitable, to be or not to be!

Your hope hanging in a balance.

Movement to Aguluezechukwu,oh dear!

Friends and family in strong persuasion:Never Go!

Dead is me if i don’t ballot cast

For Mom at morgue, for conscience, I’m ready.

On eve of election,i set out

To beat security,no movement saga

Awaking many times before dawn to urinate.

Tensed, but sure my vote will count.

With BVAS,one man, one vote assured.

Tis’ an Eureka for Ndi Anambra everywhere

Again, united you chorused a Big Yes.

Anambra Spirit energized like star shining forth

Defeating rigging, thuggery,fear,vote buying.

Anambra South, Central, North chorused a Yes!

Political killings, burnings, maiming stopped.

Fear and doomsday warning frizzled out

Women of Ukwulu, Ebenebe,oh Anambra women!

With examples like Aba women of 1929

Yes, you voted your conscience for tomorrow

You are poor but not slaved by money

Voting your conscience,thou art victors

All contestants,men and women alike.

INEC staffs,Ad hoc and regular.

Security agents, Corp members, You!

Ndị Anambra; Men, Women, Youths, All

Yes, You Voted Your Conscience.