Y.C.S Diary: Self-Discipline is Key to Achieving Your Goals – Fr Nwakaeze

. . . Awka Diocesan Y.C.S Convention 2019

By Chinaecherem Efobi

The Young Catholic Students (YCS) of the Catholic Diocese of Awka, from 29th July to 3rd August 2019 held her annual Y.C.S convention at Tansi international College Awka. During the convention seminar, the manager of the school, Rev. Fr. Martins Nwakaeze talked on self-discipline towards achieving success/excellence.

“Self-Discipline is the ability to control yourself and work hard without another person necessarily disciplining you. For a holistic human person development, self-discipline in important. Without disciplining yourself, success cannot be achieved. In this generation we have many distractions especially the internet, although its good, but it has its own bad side”.

Continuing, Fr Nwakaeze gave some posers. “Have you ever asked yourself what is your goal in life? We all know that our primary aim is achieving heaven, but I ask you, what is your aim in this world? Self-discipline is a way of life and a plan that ought to be accomplished.

Sometimes during exams, we found out that some students during examinations gathered their pens and let a man of God pray over and bless the pen. But you know that when you don’t work, you can’t reap; therefore you have to read your books. To possess self-discipline is to achieve what you want and knowing what is expected of you and doing it. Being disciplined doesn’t mean living a limited life of freedom but knowing who and what exactly you are. That you are talented doesn’t mean that you have self-discipline. If you don’t have self-discipline your talent will be wasted simply because you won’t cool down to keep on practicing what your talent is all about even. If you achieve relative success without self-discipline, note that with time, the success will surely fail” Fr Nwakaeze said.

Fr Nwakaeze listed some benefits of self-discipline as; creating good habits, getting things done, boosting self-esteem, being a better person, becoming the best version of you. Ways of achieving goal/success includ; acknowledging weakness, establishment of daily plan, removal of temptations, visualizing long terms, reward, recalling back of mistakes and taking corrections, running away from negative and overtly ambitious people.

At last, the Y.C.S Awka Diocesan Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Jude Ozumba, said that any student who was in school and did not have any aim to achieve success was a misfit. “You have to know exactly the things you are looking at. This a question you have to ask yourself. Allowing the distractions of material things and bad friends in your life is the highest mistake you can ever make in life. But if you have a goal to achieve success, you must be a disciplined person ‘he concluded.

YCS Ekwulobia region
YCS Akpu region
YCS Awka region
YCS host school, Tansi International College Awka
A section of YCS participants at the Awka convention 2019

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