Work On Cathedral, Okpuno Tennis Courts Begin

By Efobi Princess Chinecherem

With the commissioning of the renovated Nanka Tennis court, the Priests sports fraternity of Awka Diocese on Saturday Feb 24, 2018 at Nanka said its focus is now to begin the renovation of the Cathedral Tennis Court followed by Okpuno . This information which was greeted with cheers from priests was given by Rev Fr Peter Val Uzoezie, the priests’ sports welfare coordinator.
Fr Uzoezie called on other priests who have not donated, to please contribute as the money in the purse was drained drastically by the worthwhile Nanka court work. He also called on well meaning members of the laity to please support the priests’ sports projects to enhance their integral well being. Fr Peter particularly implored donations for Cathedral court and sponsorship of the Bishop’s Tennis Court at Okpuno which has completely worn out and dangerous for the bishop to play on.

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