Woman Hypnotized, Loses Valuables to Shuttle Robbers in Awka

By Ifeoma Ogbodo

A woman identified as Miss Nkiruka Onuorah, believed to have been hypnotized by shuttle robbers, otherwise known as ‘One Chance’, lost her valuables to the hoodlums at Regina Caeli Bus Stop, Nodu, Okpuno, Awka, Wednesday, June 23.

The victim, who said the incident happened at about 11:00am, said she regretted not listening to the warning she received in her subconscious mind while she was in the bus.

‘I was in a hurry to deliver my wares to my clients at Eke-Awka. I sell female shoes and bags. I was standing at the bus stop and as no shuttle bus was forthcoming, I got tired. That was why I had to enter the only one that passed at that moment, being that I did not want to be late and thus disappoint my customers,’ she disclosed.

Speaking Further, Miss Onuorah, said, ‘I was feeling so uncomfortable as I sat in the bus, not forgetting that I had some sort of foreboding before boarding it, but as I wanted to hurry to deliver my wares, I had pushed that feeling aside immediately.

‘I was the only one in the bus with three men, I saw them look at me in an awkward manner and one of the men sprayed a liquid substance at the sides of the bus. While he did that, I noticed that the other men including the driver covered their nose with their handkerchiefs. Immediately I noticed this, I felt this strong urge to sleep but I kept resisting it. One of the men asked me to bring out everything I had, and promptly, like someone being manipulated, I gave him everything – my phones, money, ATM cards, and even the wares I was supposed to deliver. Immediately I gave them everything, they commanded me to alight from the bus and I did that with no objection.’

She told Fides that she was hypnotized and did not even know where they had dropped her as she only found out that she had walked her way back to where she boarded the shuttle bus initially.

‘It was only God that brought my senses back after I had been walking aimlessly and without direction.

‘I have lost everything but I thank God for sparing my life. They could have killed me and used me for rituals but God helped me,’ she said.

Responding to the Incident when contacted, the police spokesperson advised people to be security conscious at all times.

‘People should always be alert as this will help to curtail unfavourable situations and in most cases, help to better avoid them.