Why Soludo is Building a Mega City – Housing Commissioner

By Jude Atupulazi

The need for Anambra people to live, work, impart knowledge and enjoy themselves where they reside are the major reasons why the Anambra State Government of Prof Chukwuma Soludo has embarked on the idea of a Mega City. The State Commissioner for Housing, Hon Pauli Onyeka, who disclosed this to Fides, said the idea became important as the Soludo Administration was virtually starting from ground zero, based on the situation it met.

‘I want to start by saying that in Anambra today, when infrastructural development of houses is concerned, it’s like we are starting afresh, because what we have in the public sector, that is, public houses in Anambra, is what somebody can conveniently describe as makeshift,’ he said, noting that it was why Soludo in his manifesto deemed it necessary to bring up the mantra of building a prosperous, smart megacity.

‘Actually, when we talk about a prosperous smart megacity, we are looking at livability; how people will be able to live, work, be educated, impart knowledge, enjoy and be happy together. So that’s the essence of livability,’ he said.

The Housing boss disclosed that under the state’s New Housing Policy, it was mandatory that anybody building a residential house; including commercial, must have a land space not more than 65% of the entire land space.

‘And that is to say that the remaining 35% or more will be for green verge areas and then where trees and flowers will be planted or, if you like, shrubs; and the essence of all these is to make sure that our people will receive a large quantum of oxygen because it is life,’ Onyeka continued.

He also disclosed that under that policy, the government had decided that no rain water should be allowed to leave anybody’s compound.