Why Our Own is Different

By Nwankwo Solomon Ewezuga

It all started with #endsars. People on their different beds calling for revolution. I wonder how such will come to fruition in country where only 10 percent is enlightened and thus, conscious of the fact that they are existing within a boundary that seeks for account of their lives and activities.

Anyway, I concluded that endsars maybe a remote cause of revolution in Nigeria as I told my friend that governmental approach towards this protest will determine the next step, whether revolution or tranquility. But before then, I know my country men.

They can be used against themselves. The next thing was the hiring of hoodlums by politicians to hijack the protest and make it violent and worthless. When a kingdom rose against itself, it will collapse.
These hoodlums are my fellow suffering youths who received not up to five thousand Naira to dismantle the protest.

The protesters became afraid of being termed terrorist group. Yet, they were bracketed as hoodlums at last.

Charles Rawls said that civil disobedience is only effective in a democratic state; total or partial. I don’t know whether Nigeria is a democratic state or not. I’m used to hearing that it is a democratic state, but it’s own kind of democracy is unique.

Civil disobedience, obviously, is the goad of development in many countries of the world. Through French revolution of 1789, American Revolution of 1775-1783, Russian Revolution of 1917 and others like Spanish and the rest, change was obtained starting from the Constitution to the minutest part of the state.

Why is our own different? An inexpedient message was used to sedate my country men for the worst to be excavated. The manipulation of Nigerians is a well grounded one. Can’t you think the reason why education is denied most Nigerians.

Even the graduates are half baked because they can’t reason beyond the old fruitless traditions they inherited from their ancestors. Ethnic and religious bigotries clawling around the walls of our nation, have no substantial existence. It is an inherited sentiment and the division continues to penetrate and detriment us.

However, a divided house cannot stand. It is by urinating together that it foams. So, with this division underlying every activity, I wonder how the fruit can be maximal. The outcome will always be disheartening. Gotten to some point, many were confused and others afraid of where we are heading to with this disorderliness.

Some fear who maybe acting saboteur which has been an indispensable character in Nigerian political drama. Thank God, no single individual was point fingered. Though, I must say plainly that those hoodlums that hijacked the protest are the only saboteurs that surfaced this time.

I know many would have surfaced if the protest was elongated. Okay! The tortoise said that another corpse will die.

We were waiting to behold the ingenuity of those we elected into the house of power. I must borrow the words of Elrufai that we voted not the best but the available. The western system of administration that was imposed on us gave no room for voting one outside the political theater.

Unlike in the Igbo pre-colonial era when one is chosen out of capacity and not availability. People with true ability to rule know the implications of ruling, they run away from political scenes. But you see those mediocres, they can do anything possible to be there just to enjoy power and the people’s resources.

When it comes to performing the major duties, they turn to whom to blame. Leaders however are not made, they are born. And a leader with leadership ingenuity avoids every moment of anarchy because it is a unique identity of poor governance.

But the politicians thought of such protest as something far from Nigeria. After all, the people can be mentally manipulated as always seen during elections.

People like us were expecting such situation to arise one day. Although Achebe said following the stagnance of Nigerians in the face of oppression and poor governance: “Well, once a people have been dispossessed and subjugated by dictatorship for such a long time as in Nigeria’s case, the oppressive process also effectively strips away from the minds of the people, the knowledge that they have rights.”

It is hardship that can pop up these rights of theirs to consciousness. The politicians wonder whether the idea was borrowed from the civilized. They are fully aware that Nigerians are apathetic in nature when it comes to political matters. It was this confusion and suspense that pushed them into reconsidering social medias.

I wonder where the initiative was coming from. A clueless sect of people considering disconnecting or limiting their people in this world characterized by liberalism. Fulton Sheen would say that liberalism is another most dangerous word and to oppose it, is another unforgivable sin. But the truth remains that the worst is coming.

Okay! Instead of converting the people’s complaint into a lasting and favourable output that will not only expose the leadership ingenuity of the present administration, but will also give room to better Nigeria to emerge, they resort to killing the innocent youths who have been poor since their birthday.

Majority of them are graduates without job. They chose to extinct them because their major concern is not better Nigeria but their better pocket. I was even confused when the whole thing was going on, the massive silence in the Aso Rock portrays the cry of a child who has no father.

The roses around the water side join the protest for better Nigeria because they are tired of sharing the little they have with those that have nothing.

They are even tired of visiting different stations for those chained for no reason. The poor around them will not let them rest if they fail in this supportive and redemptive responsibilities imposed on them even without their consent.

The brutality which is not only coming from the forces but from all privileged Nigerians, is not something to write home about. Power is sought for, in all ramifications just to oppress the average citizens. The Road safety corps are in the bid to join the band of oppressors.

What are they doing with gun if the reason is absolute civility. In no distant time, the immigration officers will ask and be given guns. It is all to make the ecosystem unlivable for the average citizens. This oppression we are talking about is being goaded by poor salaries.

It is not a matter of recruiting people and giving them guns, it is a matter of maintaining them because a hungry dog can bite even the owner. But obviously, when they are not properly maintained, they become enemies or predators to those they are set to protect. Such are the things that ginger anarchy and civil disobedience in a system.

Nevertheless, the dissatisfied youth turned again from the government against their fellow suffering citizens. Few days ago, a bike man was shot to death in my vicinity here in Nsukka. What was his crime? His crime was having a new bike that no one cares to know how much he suffered to get.

They killed him just like that and made away with his bike. I wonder how much is a motorcycle that will motivate one into killing another. Anyway, the problem is not only the empty stomach, also empty skull. When a guy that seemed to be among the troop was caught. Looking at him alone, I blamed the parents that shoot him off without taking responsibility.

You see chaff citizens extincting contentful and quality citizens in the name of armed robbery. What an irony of life? When I blame the parents, I blamed the economy as well which has disarmed the people from attending to their various responsibilities.

The cost of things in the market now is enough reason for many to resort to suicide if they can’t get anyone to rob. Many that were eating three square meals before now are now struggling to eat two. What will now be the fate of those eating one before now?

Finally, all these things narrated here are reasons for the forthcoming anarchy. The government failed to address the pangs of the people. Rather, they resorted to hijacking the protest and oppressing the youths. The Youth in turn turned against themselves.

Every day, people’s corpses are discovered in different quarters of the country. About three were discovered in Nsukka last week, just within the space of three days. This is no longer the disaster of the herdsmen, but that of the youths against themselves due to the doubled hardship hovering around the ecosystem.

And also, the indifferences gotten from the side of the politicians will continue to fuel this coerciveness. Conflict is not settled by suppression, it will harshly excalate in a no distant time. But when dialogue and compromise are reached, the tranquility begotten is protracted. I therefore urge the well mattered Nigerians and politicians to curb this volcanic eruption that is already at the corner.


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