Why I won’t Have Problem with Obiano – Soludo

Anambra State governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo has expressed confidence that he will not have any problems with his predecessor, Chief Willie Obiano.

Soludo sho spoke on AriseTV morning show on Tuesday, while answering question on whether he his government would follow the same trend as those of other governors, who usually run into trouble with predecessors said there was no room for that.

The Former CBN chief said the reason most governors usually have problems with their successors is that some of them, even out of government, want to determine what goes on in government.

“What causes such problems is that some people, even when there are out of government, they want to be the ones to determine what happens in the government, without giving the governor the chance to run the government.

“They want to determine who is where, and who gets what. And once these things begin to happen, there is bound to be a problem.

“But Chief Willie Obiano is not that kind of man. I do not see him as that kind of man who will want to interfere.

“He is a gentleman, an honourable man, and I give it to him. I mentioned him even in my inaugural speech, he is a man who stands by his words,” Soludo said.

There have been insinuations that the governor, Prof. Soludo may have already fallen apart with his predecessor, but Soludo in the programme rather praised Obiano for his forthrightness, and unwavering tenacity in standing by him, after they both accepted to work together, during Obiano’s reelection bid, while also working for his (Soludo’s) election last year.