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Who Will Love A Sickle Cell Anaemia Child?

Sickle cell disease is a genetic blood disorder commonly found in the tropical region of Africa. Its debilitating effects due to ignorance from parents over the years have sent many innocent victims to their untimely graves. The prevalence of the sickle cell disease dates back to 1910. Before then and up till now (unfortunately) new births with these deadly scourge are yet to be abated.
However, as the above topic states, it is un-salutary that people who are victims of these disease are often denied love and care, even in the homes where they come from. Some unfortunate victims who fall sick so often are treated like toilet tissues with undeserved levity. Even some parents “pray” that they should die and give them respite. Some are not sent to school due to the obscure belief that training them is a waste and there is no need wasting money on a walking corpse. This is disheartening.
Again, due to chronic poverty in some homes, some of them are forcefully ejected, chased or driven out by parents and guardians from their paternal homes. As you read these lines, some of the victims now take refuge at the co-ordinator’s abode in Anambra State. In school, and at some social gatherings, name calling, brick bat and tantrums are thrown at them viz-Ogbanje, Abiku, etc. Yet, they are innocent victims who did not contribute to their plight.
Worse still, even with the complications associated with the scourge due to financial constraints, some sufferers engage in some tedious menial jobs to make ends meet, viz: farming, stone hewing, carrying of blocks, among others. In this regard, I call on the government, public and private institutions, churches, and privileged Nigerians to lend a helping hand to the association of sicklers.
I recall that it was the late Mother Theresa in her charity work who said, “To be unloved and uncared for is far worse than not seeing food to eat”.  Again, though we are born individually,  remember that we live our life for others. Therefore, I once again call on the government and the stakeholders to interpose and implement the rights and privileges due to the victims of sickle cell and most importantly, you may be glad to know that this is the only sickness that can be completely eliminated in a matter of time through proper information and adequate advocacy.
I conclude with these,  two-ten letter word says, “If it is to be, it is up to me”. So let us stand up and fight this scourge headlong. For when you have healthy people in society, a healthy nation emerges.
Adequate Water Intake in Sickle Cell Anaemia: A Panacea to Healthy Living
Water, we know, is a wonderful gift from God which is also known as the universal solvent. It falls as rain and collects in streams and rivers or under the ground. From there, we can take it for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing pots and pans, clothes and other utilities.
Adequate or sufficient water intake in the life of a sickler needs not to be over emphasized. As the human body is made up of 70% of water, sufficient water intake in sickle cell anaemia cleanses the whole  the internal organs, even in non-sicklers too. It opens up the tiny vessels which clump together and do not allow the blood a free passage to various organs. With adequate water intake, bone pain and general body crisis are reduced to barest minimum, and of course, reduce frequent hospital admissions which entail a lot of spending.
The frequent intake of some drugs and other medications by sicklers bombard the heart, liver, the kidney,s and wate, the universal solvent cleanses those organs for normal functioning and it helps in food digestion too. In the outer body, it refreshes the body and keeps the skin aglow, smooth and supple.
In fact, a sickler needs a glass of water every 30 minutes. This is what I call water therapy for sicklers to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Thank you Lord for the gift of (H2O)water.

Appreciating Our Beautiful Heroine-Aisha Maureen Edward
A Champion to A Cause
Character contributes to beauty, it fortifies a woman as her youth unfolds. A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity can do a woman a great deal, it can make a woman beautiful. The above description is apt in describing our co-ordinator, mother and founder of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder, Aisha Maureen Edward, our indefatigable heroine.
A hero or heroine is a person who does for people what they cannot do for themselves in times when others will not do it.
Without being prejudiced or sentimental, Aisha Edward has restored hope, changed the mind-sets and perhaps, changed the destiny of sickle cell patients in Anambra State. The victims of this deadly scourge now come out from their hidden covens and closets and have now embraced hope and dropped despair, death and the deadly disease. She has made us to know that the sickle cell disease is not a death sentence or end of the road. As you carry on with this noble cause of humanity, my, (our) prayer is that your aspirations, desires, dreams and goals that you intend to achieve for the association be met in Jesus Name. Carry on, my great amazon.
Ifeanyi Anigbogu, wrote in from Abagana, Njikoka LGA,
Anambra State