Where Is Nigeria

By Amarachi Okpunobi

Yes! Nigeria is 58 and so what? We have celebrated, rejoiced and thanked God for a new age of our dear country. But the big question is, Where is Nigeria? Where is that Nigeria that our fore fathers dreamt of in unity. Where is the dream of a peaceful and progressive Nigeria? But one thing is sure, there is hope for a beautiful country called Nigeria.

On 1st October 2018, we took it to the streets to get the opinions of Nigerians. And we asked…
Is Nigeria worth Celebrated?
What is wrong with Nigeria?
What can be done for a better Nigeria?
What do you wish Nigeria to do for you?


Hon. Victor Umeh (Senator Representing Anambra Central Federal Constituency) :

At 58, Nigeria must face the reality. And the reality is to look at the frame-work we are operating in, the constitution, and remove frustration in the lives of the people because it is not possible to please the people when they feel they have been cheated.

Those who are enjoying the present status quo of Nigeria, if they wish Nigeria well, they would be open to dialogue and discussion so there will be room for adjustment to balance things. So that those who are marginalized will be given a sense of belonging and they will be brought back to the centre of the table. And Nigeria will begin to make progress.

By next year we’ll be 59 and thatmeans we are already old. At 60, if we continue with thepresent status quo, and at 100 Nigeria will be aged and Nigeria will die. It is better to look at things now that we still have time to solve the present problems we have in Nigeria.

Ilo Jennifer (Student) :

As for me, we worth the celebration, at least to thank God for bringing each and every one of us to celebrate the independence.

And if I am opportuned to be in leadership, I will only do one thing: make Nigeria better. Also make my school better and make the country comfortable for all of us.

Udekwe Izuchukwu (Student) :

I feel happy and excited because Nigeria is 58. The celebration is worth it also.
I wish that Nigeria will create more employment opportunities for the youths and also grant me a scholarship award.

Amamchukwu Confidence (Student) :

I am very happy about the independence, it’s a thing of joy. Nigeria just added a year to herself, we should be thankful to God. As for the celebration, I think it is worth it.

If I become the president, will boast of giving free education for the youths. Building and developing the schools then employing certified teachers and not those that can’t teach well.

I wish Nigeria peace and unity.

Buhari (Trader) :

Nigeria is celebrating 58 years of her independence and I am so glad, because people all over the country are gathered together rejoicing. But I am so displeased with the state of disunity that exist amongst Nigerians, and the way some of our leaders have been doing things the wrong way. My plea is for everyone to change in the best way each can to make Nigeria a better place, love each other and have a peaceful co-existence.I wouldn’t like to live this country, because it’s the country of my birth and I see a better place in Nigeria.

Sali Mbanefo (Hon Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, IndigenousArt Work, Culture and Tourism) :

Everything is worth celebrating in life. We must not forget little things. We may not have everything, but we have good health and wealth, we have sunshine, rain.

There are places I have gone lately like South Africa, they told me they have to irrigate from artificial sources. But you see it is raining here non-stop. So, we have a lot of things. We must first count our blessings, I think it’s because we are not counting our blessings that we are not getting the blessings. We must be grateful to God for what we have.

My prayer for Nigeria is Unity and Peace, progress and discipline

Sir Ogo Ezeonu

Any human being once alive should be celebrated. Nigeria at the age of 58 is worth celebrating. Then the values that we need are not here with us. A situation where Christians are being killed without the leaders being concerned about the killings.

The leaders go and organize crocodile dance for them and kill them and nobody says anything. The priests are killed and no one renders apology for the abomination.

For me the way forward is looking unto God the author and finisher of our faith who can make stone turn to flesh. And with that faith in God we know that what happened in the days of Esther, can happen in our own day and Nigeria will still survive.

Nzekwe Samuel (Trader)

I am happy about the celebration, so far there is life. That’s why I have come to sell my goods.

But I won’t say the celebration is worth it because Nigeria is not growing at all. Things are very hard now. Most of us traders can’t boast that business is moving well. Other years, we sell much bigger goods but this year, things are not moving well.

They should take care of civil servants and the poor, not just the leaders squandering the money among themselves.

Ginikanwa Miracle (Student)

The celebration was nice. I am happy because the governor came to celebrate with us and the government is also doing good things for us.

I wish Nigeria wil help us because everything is too costly. I want Nigeria to help us. The poor ones that barely feed, I want Nigeria to help them.

I will like to see young people like me to know what their dreams are, then help in any way I can to make them realizable for them. Because I see the young ones suffering while some are enjoying and not caring for others.

Nwakonche Chidimma Marycynthia (Student)

The celebration was fun, fabulous and amazing. I also had a great time.

I wish to thank Governor Willie Obiano, the executive governor of Anambra State for supporting us, the youths.

If I become a leader, as for the youths, without education, we can’t achieve much. So, education is the first thing I will give them.

Though Nigeria is going down a little bit but from what I see today, changes may start and I think we are improving.

And I think the youths are gaining their spaces due to what they do, how they showcase their talent, how they try now to do things that will encourage the society. Before our 59th independence celebration, I wish that there will be emergence of inventors and greater professors of Anambrarians.