What Buhari is Leaving Behind

By Jude Atupulazi

It was just a few days ago that our outgoing president, Muhammadu Buhari, made what I deem a show of apologizing to Nigerians whom, according to him, he may have hurt in the eight years of his ”nightmarish” (emphasis mine) rule. Ordinarily, one would be inclined to soften towards anyone who makes such a statement. Despite what many know Buhari did during his tenure, I guess some would soften a bit in the face of such an apology.

But Buhari himself quickly hardened the hearts of many when he followed up immediately by declaring the recent elections as his best legacy to Nigerians. Hohohohoho! Buhari is simply unbelievable! This is a man who will look you in the face in his trademark innocent look and tell you things you know he doesn’t believe himself.

Buhari telling us he was bequeathing to us the best elections ever must pass for the joke of the century by one whose presidency and everything about him has been a joke. If at all Buhari is leaving us anything, it is a terribly cracked country and worse still, his plan to hand over the cracked country, not to those who can mend the cracks, but to those who will smash the country to smithereens, unless God saves Nigeria through the tribunal.

Buhari is clearly bequeathing to Nigeria a country ruled by banditry, murderers, thieves, ethnic jingoists and the most corrupt elements in our history.

These are well known truths in Nigeria which even those scattering the country know. There is this piece below which I came across that I’ll want you to also read for you to see what Buhari is leaving behind and perhaps join in prayers for a last-minute intervention from anywhere that will send the country to the land of no return.