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By Francis Nwankwo, 08163415418

I can still remember crying to school on a number of days as a nursery school kid. I can also remember crying to my sister’s classroom for snacks or to seek refuge from bullies during my primary school days. School was an extreme of fun and stress. Interestingly, now a university student, schooling for me has not ceased being fun and stress. The only thing that changed is the perspective I now see these fun and stress as they pertains to my career.
Often times I hear my fellow students (and myself too) complain about how stressful school time-table is. We complain about 7am lectures that feature students who neither brushed their teeth nor took their bath (not as if they took bath the previous night either). Students complain about borrowed courses that sound like greek and departmental courses that you read ten times to understand. We cry out with a loud voice about lodges where mosquitoes has outnumbered humans. We piously attending night classes to meet up with a lecturer’s deadline. We complain to God bitterly to arise and defend us against exploitative course reps, corrupt H.O.Ds troublesome course mates and some wicked lecturers without whom the world would have been a better place. Then the best course mates and brainy lecturers.
But I have developed a personal approach towards all the experiences in unistress that have been helpful. The nature of higher institutions is formed in such a way that it prepares you for career life. How? When you learn to keep to lecture time tables as stipulated by the lecturer, no matter how inconvenient, unconsciously you learn how to be able to keep to bossiness schedules and appointments in the future. As you learn to accommodate troublesome classmates, you learn to tolerate troublesome co-workers you will meet in future. School gives you co-curricular and borrowed courses to make you have an average knowledge of a versatile world. Versatility is just a brother in law to word for opportunity. Who knows where you will find yourself tomorrow.  By managing your difficulties and mosquitoes in school, we learn to manage the bigger ‘mosquitoes’ of life. By managing our relationships and friends alongside academic activities you learn how to combine job and future family. That’s how I see it.
In school, we are offered opportunities to be in places of leadership and as such, we can learn how to be leaders starting from our little student communities. As we learn how to tolerate and challenge our corrupt course reps and H.O.D, we learn how to confront and address corrupt leadership in the larger society. I have realized that in learning how to listen attentively to lectures, understand them and answer questions in the exam hall based on those lectures, we are being equipped with overall listening, comprehension and memory skills. If you can listen, understand and recall classroom works, somehow you have been trained to understand business proposals, terms in the constitution, engineering methods, musical lines, football skills, how to bake moi moi etc.
These skills that are learnt unconsciously in school become very handy at later times in life. Whether you are studying Computer Science or Coconut Science, the concept is the same. Whether in Unizik or Oko poly, Umunze F.C.E (T), or COOU or Aru-Ka-Nti College of Education, the experience is almost the same no matter what career you hope to pursue. So when next you are in school, look beyond the lecture you are receiving, the people around you and see that you are being trained  for the future, for career. ALUTA CONTINUA, VICTORIA ACCETA



Rakjumar Hirani

An Award Winning Movie Director-Producer-Editor-Scriptwriter. One of his movies, 3 idiots remains everybody’s favorite.
Rajkumar Hirani was born on 20th November 1962. Brought up in Nagpur (India), he didn’t score exceptionally brilliant in class 12 (Indian equiv. of WAEC) neither did he clear any entrance exams. As a result he got himself admitted in a commerce college.
He didn’t have much classes to attend so he started watching different genres of Movies and participated in the Drama clubs. He later realized this is where his passion lies. His parents wanted him to be a chartered accountant but he was more keen on Theatre and Film.
His father later sent him to an acting school where he couldn’t get admitted into Directing course but settled for Movie Editing. After several unsuccessful stints as a Movie editor, he was forced to shift to advertisement.
His first hit was Munnabhi MBBS which was  a worldwide hit. From there he went on to direct other blockbusters including Lage Raho Munnabhi, P.K and 3 Idiots.
He was greatly influenced by the life of Ghandi and that reflects in his movies. On another instance he said “There are only two thins needed to be happy-good health and a sustainable lifestyle. Desires are endless.”
In an interview, Raj disclosed that he believes in and practices the ideologies he preach in his movies.
“If you call me and I don’t pick up, you will automatically assume I’m a big celebrity that’s why I don’t care much. However I was just busy. This is exactly how we become reasons for our own misery”.



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