We Should Do Whatever Jesus Tells Us as Mary Admonished – Fr. Ibegbulem

By Sunny A Ijomah

Rev. Fr. Hilary Ibegbulem, has asked Christians to always do what Jesus tells us to do.

In a Homily that he delivered on Sunday morning at the Catholic Church of the Ascension, Asaba, the Priest noted that Mary who understood her son made it clear that Jesus disciples should do what He asked them to do.

According to Fr. Ibegbulem, those who did what Jesus asked them to do always witnessed miracles, adding Christians should always seek the intercession of Mary as Jesus listens to her requests.

He said, “there are lessons from the first miracle of Jesus which was turning water into wine.

“The Holy Bible made it clear that God will not rest until we become what He wants us to be.

“God’s plans for us are good, beautiful and no matter what we are passing through, God is telling us that He is still working in us and we are in His hands and that He wants us to be is great.

“Looking at the story of the first miracle of Jesus, we can find Mary’s willingness to help even when she was not asked to help.

“Our mother Mary is always willing and ready to help, so, let us not forget to ask her for help because, it gives her joy to help.

 “We can also see the power of Mary’s intercession; when the wine was finished, Mary approached Jesus Christ and that was the first Miracle of Jesus. There is nothing that our Mother Mary will ask of Jesus Christ and He will turn her down.

“Going through Mary is the easiest way to get something from Jesus Christ that is why we pray through our Mother Mary because we trust in her intercession.

“It is also instructive that we should do whatever Jesus tells us; ‘Do whatever He tells you’ were the words used  by Mary for Jesus disciples and at a later time when Jesus asked Peter to cast his net and he did that leading to him catching good number of fish.

“If we do whatever Jesus tells us, we will witness miracles in our lives and in the Bible, He asked us to do a lot of things,  especially,  loving our neighbours as ourselves.

“Jesus presence in our lives is a sure security for us; nothing goes wrong when Jesus is present, nothing goes wrong when Mary is present; we should always invite them into our lives,” Rev. Fr. Ibegbulem stated.

The Holy Mass featured special thanksgiving by the parishioner.