We Must Unite to Sack Buhari

By Jude Atupulazi

It is time for us to launch our own version of ”Jihad” against President Muhammadu Buhari. I say ”our own version” because I’m not aware of the Christian name for Jihad. But I’m well aware that despite the various interpretations/perceptions of the word, the central theme is getting rid of something undesirable. The Muslims call it a Holy War; a war against unbelievers or infidels. My phone dictionary defines it as ”an aggressive campaign for an idea”.

Theologically it is defined as ”A personal spiritual struggle for self-improvement and against evil”. Whatever it is and however we see it, the task of removing Buhari is a task for everybody: you, me, the Church, market women/men, students, touts and even criminals.

This is one task that requires all hands on deck to be executed. The party you belong to doesn’t matter; your future does.

Indeed, this is not the time to sit on the fence or to pretend. To do either or both is to retain the status quo; a status quo that led to the killing of hundreds of Nigerians over the past four years by sacred cow killers without a single killer being arrested or prosecuted. I’m talking about four years during which the laws of the land had been disrespected and violated by the Buhari-led federal government. Four years during which nepotism hit an all-time high. Four years of the most pretentious fight against corruption anywhere in the world. Four years of bare faced lies and deceit. Four years of ever increasing poverty. Above all, it was a period in which for the first time, Fulani herdsmen stormed a church and butchered two Catholic priests to death and went scot free. Had it not been that a Buhari was on the throne, these two priests would probably be alive today. All over the world, human life is sacrosanct; not in Nigeria. No thanks to Buhari’s attitude to the killing of his country people.

Indeed, with Buhari, it is almost becoming a case of one week, one trouble. Just early in the past week, he had set machinery in motion to ensure that a ”cooperative” judge was appointed so that in the aftermath of the presidential election, the said judge would ensure that judges loyal to Buhari would be drafted to head the presidential election petition tribunal.

They told us that the judge, Justice Walter Onnoghen, did not declare his assets while he also operated a domiciliary account. Ordinarily, one may not bother to question the federal government on making such an arrest. The only snag is that the Buhari Administration has all along been targeting either opposition politicians or those who stand in their way. That is why after many years, the Buhari people have suddenly remembered to ask Onnoghen for his asset declaration form.

Many people have looked at the timing and come to the conclusion that it was all politics. Having put the army in his pocket by surrounding himself with his kinsmen or members of same Islamic faith in a religiously charged country like Nigeria, Buhari sure knows that the judiciary is the next likely clog in his wheel.

All this while, some of Buhari’s people have been boasting that the election has already been won and lost; that what remains is to call the result. Against the backdrop of such boast, trying to remove the nation’s chief judge and replace him with someone they could ”trust”, clearly shows the intention of Buhari.

Already, some people are thinking that it is no use wasting time to vote. To them, ”why vote when results have already been compiled?” but that is exactly what the Buhari apologists want people to feel. The truth remains that elections are not that easy to rig; even when you succeed in doing so, the courts are there to checkmate you, especially if the opponent has facts/evidence. That was how a certain Peter Obi, after being rigged out in 2003, took the materials available to him and went to court and defeated the forces of darkness. Buhari knows rigging can be upturned in court; that’s why he’s currently making frantic efforts to install a puppet as Chief Justice of Nigeria to do his bidding.

Thus, rather than despair, Nigerians should brace up for war, a jihad, and fight it out. It is for everybody, as noted earlier. But at this point, I believe our priests, pastors, ministers and all men of God owe it a sacred duty to motivate the electorate in these parts. The fight is between light and darkness; between us and them.

It is not just because Peter Obi is involved; far from it. Buhari has inflicted enough harm and pain to the people of Nigeria to deserve being booted out and the only party that can boot him out is the PDP. A vote for any other candidate is a wasted vote and an advantage to Buhari.

That PDP has our son and brother as the Vice Presidential candidate only serves as a sweetener. Even if Atiku had chosen a Yoruba, we would have still supported PDP. No one can be as evil as Buhari. If he could do all he did in the first tenure when he still expected our votes for his second term, what on earth can’t he do in his last and final tenure? The mere thought of this is frightening.

This is why this fight should be total; no going back, no sitting on the fence. Our people should be mobilized, motivated and gingered to fight it out. Our religious leaders should fight for the two priests killed and the only way to do that is to preach mightily in the church and urge the people not to lose faith, not to lose hope and not to be cowed by the antics of Buhari. They should do their duty first, which is voting, and leave the rest to God and the politicians. There are people who know what APC knows, there are people who know what Buhari knows and Buhari knows they know. That’s why it won’t be easy for anyone to rig successfully. For sure, they will try but victory belongs to God.

In the same way as the old PDP didn’t know they could be rigged out in 2015, so the current occupiers of Aso Rock will not know what will befall them. But first, we must do what is expected of us. Nigerians should avenge the deaths of those killed in Nimbo, Agatu, Nasarawa, Jos, Adamawa, and all parts of the country by the untouchable Fulani herdsmen.

The only way to avenge their deaths is through the ballot box. If they offer you money, take it and still vote against them. This election is for our very own survival, especially as Christians living in a country in which jihadists are trying to conquer us. This is our country; we must save it or sink with it. Good luck, Nigeria!

Ekweremadu and the Hide and Seek Game
The country’s deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu, is a funny character. Since the choice of Peter Obi as the running mate of the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, Ekweremadu, supposedly a strong PDP member, has been acting strangely. He has neither voiced his support for the Atiku/Obi ticket nor openly condemned it. But insiders know he is not a very happy man; hence his failure to openly identify with the activities of PDP as long as the presidential campaign is concerned. It appears he expected to get the ticket, but failing, decided to set his house on fire.

However, last week, he was quoted as vowing to ensure that PDP wins in Enugu State and Southeast. That’s good; but he should walk the talk. He should convene a rally and be seen and heard urging people to support Atiku. It is not too late to do that; even though the people of the Southeast already know what to do. However, we shouldn’t allow our personal ambition to override the general interest.

ABC Nworah, the Saint, goes Home
I’m neither God who sees through the hearts of men, nor a seer who sees far and deeply. But from my several personal encounters with Prof ABC Nworah, MD/CEO of Hill Top Hospital and Maternity, Amawbia, I can, with a certain amount of confidence, posit that he lived a very good life, good enough to guarantee him a direct flight to heaven.

Nworah died last year and was buried recently. He was a devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He was a great Catholic. He loved humanity. He showed compassion to the poor and nearly ran his hospital like a charity home.

I’m pained by his demise but consoled by the fact that I celebrated him on this page when he was alive and he read it. I depicted him as a lover of humanity. He was very happy and grateful. I love letting people know how I feel about them when they can appreciate it; not when they are gone. Thus, I won’t dwell much on eulogizing my late friend because almost every dead person is eulogized these days. I will just thank him for his kindness to people, his devotion to his God and his exemplary life.

Now, it is payback time. God will not forsake him. The Mother Mary he promoted will not forsake him and the poor people whose lives he touched will be praying for him. That is why I’m as sure as this is election year that ABC Nworah is happily in heaven and praying for us. Fare thee well, good man.

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