News Update


By Rev Fr Gerald Nwafor

This north the first time we saw the northerners and their bow (Oburo tata ka anyi fubalu awusa na uta). The election of 2023 should be about individual persons, not political parties. There is no difference between APC and PDP. Many people in APC today were in PDP at a point and because they were denied one position or another, they ran to APC. By the way, the Presidential candidate of PDP has been in APC, ACN, and now PDP, just so that you know.

The first shot hit the barricade, the second shot, hit the barricade, was the arrow meant for the barricade? (Agba mbu, otua na ogwe, agba abo, otua na ogwe obu soso ogwe ka apiri aku?) Since 1999 we have been voting for a party, not individuals, now look at us and judge for yourself if we shall continue voting for the party. It is time to vote for the best person who presented himself or herself.

The people across the board have decided to take their destiny into their hands. I have seen the drive for the Permanent Voters Card (PVC), and I am impressed, but it should not end in getting it, but in its usage too. I suggest that we should use it wisely, unlike the man who, in a downpour, was hiding his umbrella in his bag because it was still new. Keeping the wine for a big celebration is still about drinking, according to Awa people in Orumber North. Please use your PVC in 2023.

Let us examine the real situation. The parrot said she would not give birth in the cage because she does not want her kids to be a slave like her. At least she was thinking about the future of her kids. APC gave us Tinubu who has been with them from the beginning and most importantly the last seven years of APC administration.

Who is in Nigeria and claims to be blind or deaf about the trajectory of the economy and the people of Nigeria? PDP did not do well either, but I was buying a bag of rice for seven thousand Naira when APC took over in 2014. Now I don’t want to mention the price of rice in the Nigerian market so that people will not say I am lying but I can say that it is astronomical.

Sorry for the big grammar since the producers and editor of our newspaper have warned me about big words. But instead of lying let me use big words. Tinubu said he will change Nigeria from a Christian to a Muslim country, sorry I misspoke. But planning to run on a Muslim-Muslim ticket in a country of over 100 million Christians, what do you think? I am not a medical doctor, but I have an issue with his left hand. When APC gave us Buhari in 2014, he spent 94 days in a medical hospital in London. Who knows how many months Tinubu will be spending in 2023? I don’t know, I am asking you the reader.

A quick look at Atiku, who was the Vice President for eight years from 1999 to 2007 under PDP. What was their achievement? A dollar was 111 naira when they took power in 1999 and when they left in 2007 the exchange rate was nothing to write home about. I don’t want to lie but you can verify it. But that should not be our wahala here. Let me make known to you the real wahala.

I have not seen a Vice President whose principal vowed never to hand over. Not only vowed to stop him but try to practicalize it in the polity since 2007. OBJ knows Atiku in and out. He spoke sincerely about him on a couple of occasions and one of the sayings was, “God will never forgive me if I support Atiku.”

And now read carefully, “What I did not know which came out glaringly later, was his parental background which was somewhat shadowy, his propensity to corruption, his tendency to disloyalty, his inability to say and stick to the truth all the time, a propensity for poor judgment, his belief and reliance on marabouts, his lack of transparency, his trust in money to buy his way out on all issues and his readiness to sacrifice morality, integrity, propriety, truth and national interest for self and selfish interest.” – Go to the book MY WATCH by Obasanjo volume 2 pages 31-32. I am not the speaker, but judge for yourself.

Finally, the individual Peter Obi. I am not marketing Peter nor do I de-market him. But we are only stating facts to help us vote properly. Instead of voting PDP or APC I will go and vote for mami-iwata and I will be sure I invited the problem myself. Peter Obi was a young trader at Onitsha. I have bought kodo from him for ten Kobo at Nado supermarket at Modebe Avenue Onitsha.

They sold one of the best salads in their restaurant on the first floor. For those wondering what is kodo, it is the chicken head with the chicken legs tied together with the chicken intestines fried in groundnut oil with little tomatoes and pepper. I know you are salivating now, but that was Peter Obi I saw who, from humble beginnings, climbed up the ladder slowly in the business world, and into the corporate world, before coming into politics.

He has not changed so much because he told his mother to pay us two Kobo instead of one Kobo for removing the feathers of the chicken in the restaurant kitchen. I have let the cat out of the bag now, but only to prove that he has been fighting for the workers since the time of imo-river. To be continued.