Pope Francis: God's Love Can Do Great Things with Our Littleness

By Courtney Grogan Pope Francis said Sunday that the Eucharist exemplifies how God's love can accomplish great thi ...

Jul 02, 2019

Pope’s Intention for July 2019

That those who administer justice may work with integrity, and that the injustice which prevails in the world may not have the last word. ...

Jul 01, 2019

Vatican Quashes Rumors of Benedict XVI Stroke

Pope Benedict XVI is not dead and did not recently suffer a stroke, the Vatican confirmed on Tuesday. On Monday, rumors circulated ...

Jun 26, 2019

Pope Francis on Pentecost: 'Christian Life Unravels' Without the Holy Spirit

By Hannah Brockhaus Without the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Christians lack that which animates them and gives them ...

Jun 18, 2019

Pope in Romania: Martyred Bishops Gave their Lives for Fidelity to the Church

By Hannah Brockhaus Declaring their beatification Sunday in Romania, Pope Francis said seven martyred Greek-Cathol ...

Jun 12, 2019

Make Charity More of an Encounter, Less of a 'Service, ‘ Pope Francis Says

By Hannah Brockhaus Pope Francis told members of a global charitable group Monday that real charity is about encou ...

Jun 04, 2019

"We are Members one of Another" - Eph 4,25

. . . Message of His Holiness Pope Francis For the 53rd World Communications Day . . . From Social Network ...

Jun 01, 2019

Pope Offers Words of Encouragement to African Missionaries

Pope Francis spoke to African-based missionaries gathered at the Vatican on Friday, applauding their efforts to show compassion to the continent's most vulnerable. ...

May 28, 2019

Pope Francis: Wasting Food Shows a Lack of Concern For Others

By Hannah Brockhaus In a meeting with members of the Federation of European Food Banks, Saturday, Pope Francis war ...

May 28, 2019

Pope Francis: Christ liberates us from overwhelming evil

By Courtney Grogan Pope Francis said Wednesday that Jesus gave humanity a precious gift on the cross -- liberation ...

May 22, 2019



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