‘The Lord Is a Refuge for Those Who Call on Him in Times of Tribulation,’ Says Pope

“The Lord is a refuge for the faithful who call on Him in times of tribulation.” Despite technically being on ‘su ...

Jul 09, 2019

Pope Francis: The Catholic Church belongs to Christ

By Courtney Grogan The Catholic Church is Christ's beloved bride, Pope Francis said Saturday on the Solemnity of S ...

Jul 08, 2019

Pope Francis: There is no Room for Selfishness in Christian Life

By Courtney Grogan Pope Francis said Wednesday that there is no room for selfishness in the Christian life, pointi ...

Jul 02, 2019

Pope Francis 'Profoundly Saddened' at Image of Drowned Migrant Father and Daughter

By Courtney Grogan Pope Francis expressed his "immense sadness" upon seeing the image of the migrant father and child who drowned i ...

Jul 02, 2019

Pope Francis: The Holy Spirit Unites the Church, Despite Sin and Scandal

By Courtney Grogan Pope Francis said Wednesday that the Holy Spirit unites and grows the Church despite human limi ...

Jun 26, 2019

Missionary Mandate Rooted In Baptism, Pope Francis Says

By Bea Cuasay Pope Francis, in his message for World Mission Day, asked the Church to remember her 'missionary awa ...

Jun 18, 2019

Pope Francis Says he Draws Strength from Relationship with Benedict XVI

By Courtney Grogan Pope Francis said Sunday that his relationship with Benedict XVI gives him strength and reminds ...

Jun 12, 2019

Pope Francis to Altar Servers: Holiness is not for the Lazy

By Hannah Brockhaus Everyone is called to pursue sainthood through living the Works of Mercy, though it is not for ...

Jun 04, 2019

Pope Francis: No plans for female deacons, but study continues

Pope Francis said Tuesday that the Vatican commission exploring the possibility of female deacons continues its study, but does not have any consensus that would lead s ...

May 14, 2019

Pope Francis - Never Forget to Smile, Even When Life is Hard

By Elise Harris For Pope Francis, one of most needed virtues of modern time is hope, which is something he said mu ...

May 06, 2019



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