Ave Maria President amends statement - Denouncing 'Defiance' of Pope

One day after issuing a statement denouncing what he called the 'defiance' of Pope Francis by “so-called conservative Catholics”, the president of Ave Maria ...

Sep 10, 2018

Pope Francis Says Response to Division Should be Silence, Prayer

By Hannah Brockhaus Pope Francis said Monday that to division and scandal the answer should be silence and prayer; ...

Sep 10, 2018

Pope Begins Mass in Dublin with Penitential Plea for Abuse Scandals

Before celebrating Mass in a Dublin park, Pope Francis solemnly asked forgiveness for the thousands of cases of sexual and physical abuse perpetrated by Catholics in Ir ...

Sep 04, 2018

Vocations in Ireland have Dwindled Due to Abuse Scandal, Pope Says

While the faith of Catholics in Ireland is strong, the scandal of abuse and cover-up by church leaders have caused a decline in vocations to the priesthood and religiou ...

Sep 04, 2018

Pope Francis to Italian Youth: Don't Live Your Life 'In Retirement'

By Hannah Brockhaus Be courageous and seize the work you are called to do for the good of the world; do not live l ...

Aug 17, 2018

Pope Francis: Faith Is Measured By One's Treatment of the Poor

By Hannah Brockhaus The love with which individuals and communities treat the poor, the weak, and the hungry, is t ...

Aug 06, 2018

Pope Francis to Altar Servers : Holiness Is Not For the Lazy

Everyone is called to pursue sainthood through living the Works of Mercy, though it is not for the weak of heart, Pope Francis told more than 60,000 young altar servers in St. Peter's Square Tuesda ...

Aug 06, 2018

Keep Immigrant Families Together

By JD Flynn Immigration reform requires seeing the faces of immig ...

Jul 06, 2018

After Calling God 'Stupid,' Duterte Seeks

By Christine Rousselle After calling God “stupid,” Ph ...

Jul 06, 2018

Why Cardinals Have Ranks

Pope Francis made an unexpected change Tuesday in the structure of the College of Cardinals, adding some curial officials to the rank of “cardinal bishops,” ...

Jul 06, 2018



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