Eight-Confirmed Cases of Holy See Employees with COVID19, 2 Cured

Apr 10, 2020

Vatican Gendarmerie Corps © State Of The Vatican City

To date, there are eight Holy See employees who have tested positive for COVID19, and two of them have been cured.

This was confirmed in a statement by Director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni, in an April 8, 2020, statement.

“An eighth case of COVID-19 has been verified at the Vatican,” he noted, adding two people have been cured and a third person has been able to leave the hospital.

He explained that an employee of the Holy See who just tested positive “had left Rome in the first half of the month of March to help sick relatives.”

“After the first symptoms,” Bruni elaborated, “the person was hospitalized locally without returning to Rome and she is now under careful observation.”

In total, he summarized, “the Holy See employees that have been infected by COVID19  in the Vatican City State number eight.”

The good news, he pointed out, is that two patients are now cured, and another has “come out of the hospital and is on the mend.”

The Vatican spokesman concluded, saying two others are still “hospitalized and under treatment,” and three “asymptomatic” individuals are “in preventive isolation.”





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