US Consulate Opens ‘Awka Window on America’

The United States Consulate in Nigeria has commissioned a resource centre, Awka Window On America, in Anambra State.

The centre which is located within Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka’s premises, it was gathered, is equipped with resources that can aid people within Awka and environs to access knowledge about the United States of America.

The Public Affairs Officer of the US Consulate in Nigeria, Mr Stephen Ibelli, who was in Awka last Tuesday for the opening of the resource centre, said the aim of the centre was to open a window of opportunities for Awka people to access knowledge about America.

He said: ‘Here in this centre, we engage, educate and empower. We have 19 spaces in Nigeria and 13 of them are in the south, while six are in the north.

‘The Window On America is not standing on its own; it is a creation within the American space, and it joins a vast network of others connected to the American Government.

‘One important thing is that the resources here are for free, and they help you gain knowledge about a wide range of things about America, including their culture and other things you may want to know.’

The Vice Chancellor of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Prof Charles Esimone, thanked the US Consulate in Nigeria for pursuing the establishment of the centre with vigour.

“The memorandum of understanding between the American Embassy and the University was signed in July 2020. The present Public Affairs Officer, Mr Stephen Ibelli, has pursued the actualistion of the project with admirable gusto.

‘The materialization of the idea of the Awka Window On America is an eloquent testament to the mutual uncommon commitment from both the university and the consulate-general, and by extension, the US mission in Nigeria, to forge an enduring collaboration between parties.’

Esimone said the centre would serve both as a resource and training centre, as well as house library faculties; particularly targeted at leadership and entrepreneurial development of youth.

He said it would without doubt be a huge asset to staff members and students of the university.