Uruokofia Dev Union Leadership Tussle: Elected Chairman Demands Enforcement of Court Judgement

When elections were held into the leadership positions of Uruokofia Development Union (UDU), Nimo, Njikoka LGA, Anambra State, in January 2014, little did anyone expect that it would usher in a period of leadership crisis in the community, as six years after, the elected officials are yet to take over the reins of office, reports Jude Atupulazi.

The inability of the elected body, led by Chief Francis Nwabachili, to assume full control, Fides learnt, was occasioned by the refusal of the leadership of the caretaker committee set up after the elections to hand over power.

It will be recalled that after the elections, a caretaker committee headed by one Mr Pius Onwuzurumba, was set up by those opposed to the elections. This had been challenged in court by the elected officials who obtained a favourable judgement against the caretaker committee at an Awka High Court on 27 January 2015.

The caretaker body appealed against the judgement but lost on 16 December 2019. But nearly two years after, the caretaker body is yet to handover to the elected officials.

When Fides contacted the caretaker chairman, Mr Onwuzurumba, on the phone, and sought to know why his committee had not complied with the court judgement, he said he did not know anything about the matter.

But the elected chairman, Nwabachili, has warned against the consequences of the continued refusal by the caretaker committee to obey the judgement of the court, noting that it would lead to regret by those concerned, wondering why anyone would want to intentionally instigate crisis in a peaceful community.

‘I call on the caretaker committee to henceforth cease to exist and allow the elected officials to do their job. Further delay will be dangerous unless some people want to go to jail,’ Nwabachili warned.

Meanwhile, the elected chairman of UDU, Chief Nwabachili, has advised the people of Nimo Community to elect a president- general they could trust with the affairs of the town.

The community is bracing up for town union elections, with the president-general position being zoned to Egbengwu Village, while other positions have been spread across other villages.

But speaking ahead of the elections, Nwabachili warned of the implications of electing someone who could end up mortgaging the future of the town by pandering to the whims of those he said, did not mean well for the community.

‘We need to ensure that whoever emerges as the president-general will be someone we can trust; not someone that will end up selling our collective patrimony. We should not allow some people to manipulate the elections,’ he cautioned.