Understanding Valentine’s Day (Part 2)

By Uche Amunike

Last week, I brought you feelers from different people on their views on Valentine’s Day, what it meant to them, how they intended spending it and how they thought that day should be ideally spent. It was not just interesting and enlightening, but entertaining. I thank all our readers who sent in their feedbacks too.

I’ll always appreciate you all for making Fides Newspaper your Number One! Today, I bring you the concluding part of that publication while I wish u all a great week ahead as we make it through our spiritual journey of the Lenten season! Please enjoy…

Chief Makamba Edet,


DeMaks Limited,

Talk Universal Services.

Okay so ooooo, I’m not one of those band wagon ‘kinda’ people. I’m wired differently and I don’t know whether it’s good or bad because If you leave me, I probably won’t even advertise or celebrate my own birthday. (LoL). However, considering the story behind St Valentine and being the inspiration for Valentine’s day, I think it’s worthy of note.

We should let the moral of the story sink in the right way and serve as a reminder to humanity to love and express it unreservedly, not just to spouses and romantic partners, but to everyone else including the less privileged. Personally, my Valentine’s day isn’t on February the 14th every year. I celebrate Valentine’s day every day of my life and I did not do anything differently or special on that day, except wish and return Valentine wishes.

The reason for taking that stand was because, everytime I lend a helping hand, give someone my shoulder to cry on, call and wish someone well, pray and mean well for someone, smile at/with someone, etc, I celebrate Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine everyone. SHOW LOVE TO ALL AND NOT JUST TO SOME.

Mr Chimezie Ibedu

Production Manager

Fides Media Limited, Awka.

History tells us about a certain good man with the name Valentine whose memorial was observed on February 14th, annually. He believed in love and encouraged marital love by secretly wedding young couples against the edict of the king who decreed all young men to remain single to serve in the army.

Though, the feast is absent in the revised liturgical calendar, it is still observed worldwide as Lover’s day.

To me, conjugal love bears a lot of significance to the propagation of life in the light of several factors warring against human life including same sex unions. I spent Valentine this year, singing praises to God at the Love Praise Festival organized by Fides Media Ltd Okpuno.

I thank all the wonderful people that joined us to sing praises to the Lord. It was an amazing experience. Thank you all!!!

Ifeoma Ezenyilimba Media Expert/ Entrepreneur. Awka

Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated annually on February 14, is in honour of Saint Valentine, who was an Apostle of true love. I feel Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and affection, which should not be an only day activity.

Valentine should be a day and a season to re-enact true love and affection and to share love with one another, especially, the needy and the less privileged. It is a season to put a smile on the face of that needy and depressed person next to you.

Unfortunately, many people erroneously define Valentine as a season to trade infidelity in the guise of love. Valentine should be to couples, couples to-be and loved ones, a moment to celebrate beautiful memories, which had been part of their relationship. It is also a season to make amends where necessary, so as to make the best out of every relationship. Valentine simply, should be a celebration of everyday love and affection.

Adamma Onwuteaka Program Manager/Presenter Kpakpando 101.9FM

We live daily. However, birthdays are celebrated once. In the same way, we are to love daily and not wait for any special day to show love. But like birthdays, which I look forward to because of cake, we look forward to that special day that we can spend time,  do special things for people that we love and for humanity in general and also receive special tender loving care from loved ones.

Thinking of Valentine’s Day as a wife and mom, I can say I celebrate ‘Valentine’ daily . However on that special day , I don’t mind being treated like a queen. I guess as I grow older, my idea of receiving special treats changes with time and age too. This year’s valentine, I was at work. On that day, I  looked forward to coming home to a well prepared meal, cake, something cold  and electricity so as to  watch movies with my family and relax.

I also anticipated a pleasant surprise as an icing on the cake. I remain thankful to my family for having me indulged with so much love when I returned from work on that day. It was a most splendid experience! I will advice people to find their vibe and ignore the valentine noise on social media.

There’s no clear and cut way to celebrate Valentine.  Love yourself , know what brings you peace of mind and focus on it . Celebrate little acts of love that you give and receive on that day as well. There will be pressure for single people to fit in but they can surmount it.

They can hang out with friends of same sex and avoid playing the pity game for themselves. Valentine isn’t about the monetary or material gifts but if it becomes part of how you are shown love, enjoy it.  If not , find love in the kind thoughts and acts from people. If you find yourself alone, read a novel, eat cake, drink something cold and enjoy loving yourself.

While I thank you all for your inputs, I pray that God who is love, will continue to fill your lives with love. I’ll also add that we make the art of showing love, a way of life. Loving our neighbor as ourselves is a biblical injunction. Let’s always abide by it. Let’s always give and preach love through our actions, words and deeds!