Types Of Catholics

By Rev Fr Victor Makinwa Ogunyemi

There are different types of Catholics identified according to the manner they profess and exhibit themselves.

They are as follows:

1 Catholics who are orthodox and very much faithful to the prescribed ways of professing and practising the faith.

2 Catholics who are never concerned about anything with Mary mother of Jesus Christ or the saints.Yes they go to Confession, receive Holy Communion and belong to devotional groups in the church.

4 Catholics who don’t go to confession with the priests but frequent the Holy Eucharist.

Catholics that do not attend daily Mass, belong to any lay apostolate groups, pious societies, CMO, CWO, CYON will never feel their patronage but Sunday Mass is only activity they partake in the parish.

5 Catholics that will not attend Sunday Mass but attend evening programme in the church, attend Catholic Charismatic Ministry Meetings or Fellowship and if they per adventure come to church during a weekday they stand up to receive Holy Eucharist at communion time.

6 Catholics who are never punctual, arrive late for Mass and be in a haste to leave the Holy Mass because they feel they have spent a whole lot of time in the church.

7 Catholics that boast if they are not involved, nothing will happen and boast of much they give the church and how they bank roll the priests for various things.

8 Catholics that think that the church will collapse if they withdraw their support for the church.

9 Catholics that carry out serious conspiracy to malign their Parish priests and make sure they spread rumours to put him in bad light before the parishioners so as to see him as a bad priest and support for his vision for the parish will wane.

10 Catholics that will make the issues of their Parish to be issues to be discussed in a public transport bus, for example.

11 Catholics that make pledges that they know they can’t afford to pay but stand up anyway to pledge it and enjoy the spur of the moment.

12 Catholics that are very much political and play serious dirty politics in the church.

13 Catholics who till now still think that coming to church with a bible is not a Catholic practice and are seriously ashamed of holding a bible while going to church.

14 Catholics who are syncretic i.e combination of practising the faith and juju together.

They have pictures of the saints in their homes and put charms at the back of such pictures and they believe both are alternatives, if this one does not work, the other one will work.

15 Catholics that will not receive the Eucharist from anyone who is not a Rev Fr.

16 Catholics who are very pompous. They don’t kneel at Mass, not because they are ill but that they are too conscious of what they are wearing.

17 Catholics that justify indecent wears in the name of being free to appear in many wear are before God.

18 Catholics that don’t believe they are forgiven by confessing their venial sins at the beginning of the Mass, when the priest says “for us to offer this Mass worthily, let us call to mind our sins”

Yet the priest says “May Almighty God have mercy on us forgive us our sins and bring us to everlasting life”.

19 Catholics that make other christians feel we worship the saints with the excess they show with devotional activities to the saints.

20 Catholics that at holier than the Pope.

21 Catholics that come for praesidium meeting or a devotional group’s meeting and just before the Mass begins they disappear from the church premises.

22 Catholics that you dare not say anything bad about their priests before them, they will defend the priests and face you to tell you that you have met a wrong person and attacking the wrong people.

23 Catholics that are very vulnerable, they are prey to any available church programme, go to spiritual houses, pay their tithes to mobile prophets and till now shop churches are still standing because of their patronage.

24 Catholics that are not active but if you like bring all the GOs of the churches and ministeries to preach to them, they will never attend their churches.

25 Catholics that say I was born a Catholic, raised a Catholic, will die a Catholic. They will update: Proudly a Catholic!

These are the types of Catholics we have in our church.

You may have more, which you can share with us

Which number do you belong to?

All that is important is be a good Catholic and live a good life, that you can be proud of and people around you see you a salt of the earth and the light of the world.