Transformation Agenda: Anambra State Fire Service joins Race Towards Digitization

By Mmaduabuchi Onwumelu

As part of its mandate to advance Governor Soludo’s vision of Everything Technology and Technology Everywhere, the State ICT Agency team on last Monday, successfully set up desktop computer allocated to the Anambra State Fire Service.

Fides learnt that the Computer was to facilitate the digitization of processes at the State Fire Service, which is
yet another state government agency, benefiting from the Solution Laptop distribution exercise.

The digitization is expected to guarantee more efficient operations, as firemen will be able to access real-time data about fires, so as to respond timeously and effectively.

It will also improve safety and security as firefighters will be able to track their location and communicate with each other better.

The digitization effort overall, will make for better coordination and decision-making, assisting firemen use data generated, processed and stored with the aid of the equipment, to identify areas at high risk of fire and develop prevention and response strategies.

The MD/CEO, Anambra State ICT Agency, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata on the development, said the agency is incredibly thankful to Mr. Governor for his visionary and innovative leadership, evident in the support to his agency to effectively carry out its mandate.

In his words, ‘Mr Governor’s commitment to modernizing government services leveraging technology is making a difference in the way government had hitherto been run across the country.

‘For us at the ICT Agency, the task is simply- to creatively and innovatively drive this laudable agenda of Mr Governor, towards deepening technology penetration in all sectors of the state economy.
”This is a task we cannot fail at!”
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