Tinubu being Elected Head of ECOWAS, Foretaste of Plan for Federation of African Countries

By  Polycarp Onwubiko,

There is no madness and arrant stupidity like the naive suggestion by harebrained elites to form a Federation of African Countries. It was muted by Algeria Military Head of State, Gadafi of blessed memory.

From the beginning, the Organization of African Union, OAU has been a useless organization whereby the leadership would mole like a sheep when the head of state of an African country is messing up or became an autocrat or ethno-religious bigot.

During the Nigeria-Biafra war, OAU could not muster the verve and courage to call a spade a spade to pointedly make the Nigeria Military head of State to stop the genocide against the Igbos which led to the war. The crude mindset of African leaderships then and even now is corruptive calculations.

In the guise of “non interference in a country’s internal crises”, OAU now renamed African Union, AU leadership would allow brazen dictators to have their way at the expense and detriment of the ethnic nationality that was being humiliated and a situation of ethnic cleansing like in Nigeria during the war and now where terrorists masquerading as herdsmen from the Sahel Region of West Africa are doing in southern Kaduna, Middle Belt States and down to the southern part of the country.

Due to hidden devious agenda, ECOWAS was formed ostensibly to throw open the borders of Nigeria for the infiltration of Fulani Ethnic Militias. It was deceptively termed “to liberalize trades among the West African countries” which embodied abolition of Passport and Visa before gaining entry into countries in West Africa.

The former president of Nigeria, Buhari leveraged on this heinous evil agenda by allegedly declaring that “Nigeria is a home to his Fulani ethnic group. In spite of the closure of borders, the immigration officials look away as the terrorists masquerading as herdsmen from the Sahel Region of West Africa trooped into Nigeria through the borders in the northern part of the country.

They unrestrainedly embarked on ethnic cleansing and slaughtering indigenous peoples and taken physical occupation of their ancestral lands while the survived ones were quartered in makeshift refuge settlements and dying in droves even as President Buhari Administration looked away as if the indigenous people were mere wild animals not worth catering for.

In all these wantonness and monumental atrocities, African Union, AU leadership did not condemn the inhuman atrocities. Their meeting is sheer jamborees, clinking of glass of wine and exchange of banters without frontally addressing tragic blunders and abominable monstrosities in the countries like Nigeria.

It is the same pattern and pedestal with the useless ECOWAS. Upon all the monstrosities of Buhari’s Administration, AU Leadership never called him to order. Then look at monstrosities and iniquities cum abominable impunity in the conduct of the 2023 General Elections, and the brazen act of the INEC in the announcement of the presidential winner, ECOWAS without a modicum of shame happily embraced Tinubu and conferred on him as Head of ECOWAS. How shameful such brazen-faced act can be!

This is what will happen when the madness of A Federation of African Countries will be like. In the Presidential Election for the President of African Federation (of course a silly dream), it will be abracadabra and a Fulani president will emerge because the covert agenda for the Federation of African Countries is to enable the Fulani herdsmen to be entering every place without hindrance.

To them, the modern style of raising cattle business which is RANCHING will be ignored in the name of preserving the cultural heritage of the Fulani Race who believe in living like wild animals in the forests and jungles and slaughter people who restrain them from the primitive culture of rearing cattle without ranching.

Thanks be to God for an eye opener displayed by the useless ECOWAS in jumping to make Tinubu their leader. What legacy in democratic values and ethos is ECOWAS trying to showcase? That is why the organization is as useless as anything one can think of. Those who are naively facinated and enthused about “Federation of African countries” should perish that silly expectation because African man as president has nothing to offer. All they have in their brain is how to perfect election malfeasance and perpetuate monstrosities in the political leadership.

Polycarp Onwubiko, public policy analyst, writes from Awka, Anambra State.