Timber Market at Umuokpu Expressway: A Ticking Bomb

More often than not, things that portend danger or disaster are seen but ignored by people saddled with the responsibility of preventing such until it happens with devastating consequences. That is the situation now at the Timber Market in Umuokpu along the Enugu-Awka Expressway. Suddenly, the free flowing section of that road has become crowded with traffic, with vehicles parked on both sides of the single lane by those  business at the market.

A few months ago, those people had been doing conducting their businesses well away from the road and how they suddenly flooded that narrow road is what baffles many people.

Now, the danger there is that all manner of vehicles pass through that road. They include both small and big vehicles like trailers and lorries. Any person driving past there for the first time will not fail to think of what may happen if any vehicle, especially articulated ones, develops brake failure. It will be just too catastrophic to imagine. But now is the time to checkmate any such disaster.

But how come that anyone approved those people to be parking their vehicles there while doing businesses? Where were they staying before now? Why were they relocated from that  to the expressway where everybody’s life is endangered?

To worsen matters, officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps are nowhere near the place to control the traffic. Yet, even if they are to come there, their lives will be endangered as speeding vehicles can knock them down, given the crowded and narrow nature of the road.

Perhaps, the ongoing total closure of the other lane might be the cause but a way should have been found to allow those doing business there to enter the other lane such that they move further up after the ongoing construction gets near to where they stay.

It is much better and safer to do this than to risk the lives of road users and later express their usual regret when lives have been lost.

The earlier this situation is given attention the better for all because the present situation there is nothing but a time bomb that can go off any time with devastating consequences. A stitch in time still saves nine.