This Crocodile Must Not Smile

Recently the Nigerian Army announced the beginning of an operation code named “Crocodile Smile”.

This announcement and plan came at the time of probably the highest tension in the land in recent times when angry Nigerians have been venting their anger, frustrations and desperation on the terribly warped system in their country, with emphasis on the police. This has given rise to the continued protests against police brutality, both in Nigeria and abroad.

The protests had resulted in the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and its replacement with another outfit named Special Weapons and Tactics Team, otherwise known as SWAT.

But the change is yet to assuage the anger of Nigerians who are still up in arms and have continued their protests across the country.

However, rather than joining the Federal Government in cooling down tensions, the Nigerian Army is planning to exacerbate things by launching an operation which previous ones had always increased and worsened tensions in the country. We all still remember the incidents surrounding the shooting of some youths in the home of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, a few years back.

Given the negative perception of Nigerians of such operations by the army, the decision of the Nigerian Army to launch another one at this time of general tension seems nothing but sheer stupidity and gross insensitivity to its environment which is currently charged.

Rather than deploy forces to the volatile areas in the war-torn north and increase operations there, the army is rather interested in needlessly opening up new frontiers of hostility across the country.

Nothing could better paint a picture of the tactlessness and even ineptitude of the army leadership which has failed to put an end to the Boko Haram scourge. The question is why launch this operation when the army still has the huge matter of Boko Haram to address? Is this exercise being planned not diversionary?

This is clearly not the time for the use of anything perceived as force by the angry population. Such will only worsen matters and throw Nigeria into further chaos which end result may not be immediately predicted.

The Nigerian Army is therefore advised to shelve this absolutely ridiculous plan unless it wants to begin something that is capable of consuming the country.

Indeed, as they say, our mumu must stop. Expecting a crocodile to smile when its habitat is threatened is the height of mumu, or stupidity, especially when crocodiles are not known to smile. What a country of endless absurdities!

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