“The whole World is watching us”

By Pat Amobi Chukwuma

Bible Knowledge and Literature were among the subjects we did in secondary school. Often contextual questions were set in internal or external examinations. Normally we were given a quotation from the Scripture or from a novel in which the following questions were asked: Who said it? To whom? On what occasion? The questions demanded specific answers. It happened that one of my classmates devised a cunning way of answering those ones he did not know specifically. Thus, when asked: Who said it? He wrote: It was said by someone. To whom? To someone. On what occasion? On a certain occasion. If you were his teacher, would you give him any marks? Be sincere, because the whole world is watching to see your answer.

Today, the world is defined simply and short as a global village. In other words, you can view the entire world from your tiny abode. You can also be monitored from far away. Science and Technology have narrowed the universe to the door-step. Could it be that human beings have fulfilled the mandate given to them by the Creator, which states, “Go, conquer the world and subdue it” (Gen. 1:28). After conquering the world, what comes next? Presently, humanity is trying to conquer one another by war, terrorism, banditry and kidnapping.

What am I talking about? It is this unique quotation: “The whole world is watching us.” Who said it? It was said by President Muhammadu Buhari. To whom did he say it? He said it to the joint Legislators of the National Assembly. On what occasion did he say it? It was on the occasion of his presentation of the 2019 National Budget on Wednesday 19th December 2019. Let me now clarify so that God will award me a scholarship to go to Heaven. Do you want to go with me?

On that fateful day, President Buhari came into a chaotic chamber. He wangled his way to the rostrum, kept a packet of the Budget beside the mace and bowed to the legislators. Then he began his address. Immediately he said, “The economy has recovered from recession” there were shouts of “No! No!! Na lie! Na lie!!” The opposing legislators were booing him while his supporters were hailing him. He swallowed the bombshell and continued in the midst of the confusion. At the mention of “We are constructing the Niger Bridge” the shout of “Where? Na lie! Na lie!” rented the air. Meanwhile the Minister of Lying stood behind smiling because his products were being marketed. The cabals within and outside the Assembly complex were jubilating because they are the architects of the confusion and hardship in the country. The president paused and looked furiously at the legislators and commented, “Gentlemen, we should be above this. The whole world is watching us.” The atmosphere did not calm down. Everywhere was highly charged until the President finished his address and left unceremoniously.

The whole world from that day became convinced that things had fallen apart in Nigeria and the centre could no longer hold. Our democracy has turned into ‘democrazy.’ Hence the dividends of democracy have eluded the citizenry. Many Nigerians are now hungry and angry. The rate of insanity in the country has galloped from minimum to maximum. The psychiatrists must arrest the situation before it runs out of hand. The whole world is watching us as Nigeria becomes the Land of insanity.

The whole world is watching us as Nigeria is the third terrorized country in the whole world. The government in power few months ago told us that Boko Haram has been decimated and defeated. Has Boko Haram been defeated or decimated as they now kill our soldiers in great numbers? They even use drones to attack them. Often the terrorists carry superior weapons than our soldiers. The ultimate prize our soldiers are paying nowadays is regrettable. How I wish I have what it takes to fortify them, so that they can defeat the Boko Haram terrorists and come back alive. Many Nigerians have called for the overhauling of the Security structure and change of the Service Chiefs. The Army Commanders need to be proactive instead of being defensive. The war cannot only be carried out by weapons. Technicality, intelligence and logistic acumen are very vital. May the souls of our fallen soldiers and civilians who lost their dear lives at the hands of the Boko Haram terrorists rest in peace! Amen!

The whole world is watching us as cows are accorded citizenship rights in this country of 200 million people. The cows have left the Animal Farm to Human Farm, destroying lives and properties. The herdsmen terrorists kill, maim, rape and displace thousands of innocent Nigerians from their ancestral homes. How many of the bloody herdsmen have been arrested and prosecuted? Like in the Animal Farm revolution, the herdsmen terrorists and their sponsors are shouting, “Four legs good! Two legs bad!” The two-legged human beings are being slaughtered indiscriminately here and there just for the good of the four-legged cattle.

The developed world makes use of ranches to feed their cows for more economic benefits. Should Nigeria not be counted among the developed countries by the use of cattle ranches?
The whole world is watching to see if we can restructure Nigeria so that the economy and power can be balanced among the six geopolitical zones that make up the country. The APC Government during its campaign prior to the 2015 general election promised us restructuring.

Unfortunately, the President said he does not understand the meaning of restructuring any more. Is it not time to correct the mistake of the 1914 Amalgamation by Lord Lugard? A mistake made during class test or examination is normally corrected by the teacher for the benefit of the pupils or students. This correction is known as Revision. Thus our country Nigeria needs urgent revision known as Restructuring. This will bring more economic and political benefits, and ensure the peaceful co-existence of the six geopolitical zones.

The whole world is watching us as we go to the polls come February 16 to elect a New Nigerian President and National Assembly members. Then on March 2, we shall elect the new governors and state Assembly members in those states that are due. Many Nigerians are worried about the elections, whether they would be free, fair, transparent and violent-free. If all Nigerians understand that leadership is service to God and the people, then there is no need for violence or rigging. Election should not be a-do-or-die affair. If our politicians at the state and national levels imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship, then we shall all sing ‘Nunc Dimitis’ after the elections. It is selfishness that causes violence and rigging. Once again, I commend the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, who said that election was not worth the blood of any Nigeria. Could all the 2019 Presidential candidates, Gubernatorial candidates, Legislative candidates swear that their election or re-election does not worth the blood of any Nigerian? Those that affirm it are worthy of election or re-election.

But those that disapprove are not fit for any elective office. By their fruits and body movements you know them. We pray that such candidates must never succeed. The Peace Accord signed by the presidential candidates and some of the gubernatorial candidates should not be violated. It is not only the whole world that is watching us. The Almighty God is also watching us. Who can withstand the anger of God?

The whole world is watching to see if the ugly buying and selling of votes will occur in the 2019 elections. The electorates should never sell their votes. Selling of votes means the selling of your conscience and your future. Buying of votes is the stealing of one’s conscience and destiny. Thieves are punishable by man and by God. Some thieves have been burnt alive. Some were apprehended and are languishing in prisons. A political thief is not worthy of voting or being voted for. The vote seller is also a thief. Likewise he or she is not worthy of voting or being voted for.

The whole world is watching us as fake News and disinformation are flying about here and there, causing havoc in the polity. The Social Media is awash with damaging News and false information. The Government, INEC, Election Monitors and United Nations are worried about them. Even some groups and individuals in the Government circle also parade fake News and spread false information. Unfounded allegations are made to tarnish the image of some stakeholders and politicians. Allegation of corruption is now an instrument to fight opposition.

Members of the Ruling Party are seen as sacred goats. Corruption is very angry because his name is being misused in Nigeria today. In Law a suspect is presumed to be innocent until he or she is found guilty. But nowadays a suspect is condemned before he or she is found guilty.

The current travail of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onneghen, calls for serious concern. The whole world is watching us. God is also watching with utmost interest to see if justice will be traversed. If there are allegations of non declaration of assets, the Nigeria Constitution stipulates the due processes to be followed in bringing the culprit to book. Most of the country’s learned jurists are calling for due process to be followed in the case concerning the CJN. They see the truncating of due process as a slap on the Nigerian Bar Association. Some call for the withdrawal of the charges against the CJN. Why is the allegation against him made when the general election is at the corner? Hence some see it as politically minded in order to achieve hidden agenda. The architects of the allegation against the CJN at this critical time do not have the good of Nigerians at heart. The principle of the Separation of Powers must not be toiled with. The whole world is watching us. God hates injustice. Justice is the bedrock of peace. Therefore let us give peace a chance. Free, fair, credible, transparent and non violent elections are all we want. In God we trust!

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