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The Ugly Side of Onitsha Traffic Situation

In normal situations, the commercial city of Onitsha experiences huge vehicular traffic which often triggers massive traffic jams. In recent times, however, that traffic situation has taken a turn for the worse; with traffic these days being very thick even in the early hours of the morning.

During the time for school runs and the time when workers and traders are rushing off to their work places in the commercial town of Onitsha, the traffic situation is so bad that it can be compared to that of Lagos State.

It was not this bad in the past because traffic controllers and policemen usually manned the different areas that were usually known to have traffic congestion. But ever since those policemen were pulled out of the roads, owing to the recent attacks by gunmen on various security operatives, the traffic situation has become quite unbearable.

The danger in this is that hoodlums have taken this as an opportunity to unleash mayhem on unsuspecting motorists and innocent individuals.

Lately, it has become a terrible ordeal for these innocent people while in traffic. The incidence of smashing car window screens in order to rob the occupants has now become almost a daily occurrence in the metropolitan city of Onitsha, with the residents apparently unable to do anything. Because these hoodlums are always armed with machetes or guns, people do not have the will to fight them and this is even worse because there are no security operatives in sight.

It is expedient that the Anambra State Government looks into this situation as residents are no longer safe, particularly during the time when traffic is thick.

The activities of hoodlums are not such that anyone should easily wave off as something in the figment of the imagination of politicians. They are as real as can be, with many residents falling victim to them.

It affects the security of the state adversely and should therefore be squarely addressed by the state government. Allowing such crimes to go unchecked could embolden the perpetrators to do more. It is therefore clear that the earlier the issue is addressed, the better for everybody in the bustling commercial hub of the state.