The Surest Way to Get Anambra State Back on Track Again is to Elect Dr Godwin Maduka as Next Governor…

By Onwurah Chinonso Anthony

It is quite appalling that our modern day act of politicking in Anambra State has been reduced to mere oratorical prowess, name calling on who is a political master and learner, as well as continuous chest beating about one’s stay in government with absolutely nothing to show for it. This has birthed the continuous flittering and siphoning of our common patrimony by these so called elites jostling for the soul of Anambra State.

The state’s economy is in tatters and governance has been left at the mercy of mediocres and unrepentant cabals while some people are busy chasing shadows. They are solely fixated on the personal pecuniary interests and gains without minding the present state of things in our dear state and the position of the future generations.

However, Ndi Anambra have been left in the limbo and state of confusion as to who will bell the cat. The current political climate, subterfuge and brigandage is about to change as Dr. Godwin Maduka, the Accord Party standard bearer in the forthcoming November 6, 2021 Anambra guber polls, has come into the fray to change the sorry political trajectory.

Dr. Maduka came in well prepared through the pragmatic transformational policies he and his formidable team have formulated, his evidential humanitarianism cum antecedents, his arrays of experience, international contacts and exposure.

He is unfazed but focused in the betterment of our dear state. Okosisi Orumba did not have the Accord Party ticket in order to throw banter on the political oratory and learner’s syndrome.

Dr. Maduka’s sterling and verifiable personal accomplishments in the last two decades have dwarfed many collective half-hearted efforts of numerous politicians in different levels of the government.

All these achievements were done with his personal funds without any financial input from any government.

What more can we say? It is pertinent for Ndi Anambra to give this medical colossus, Dr. Godwin Maduka, a chance to replicate his acclaimed transformational magic and touch in the lives of our people and our dear state.

Anambra State will definitely bounce back socially, economically and infrastructure wise. This can be achieved when we elect Dr. Maduka at the upcoming election. He has come, seen and conquered the private business world, he is ever passionate to repeat the positive imprints in the sands of time in Anambra State this period. The onus is on all of us, Ndi Anambra!