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The Magic Pins

By Fr. Pat Amobi Chukwuma

Wonders shall never end. Few weeks ago at midday, I was just walking around our church premises admiring nature as well as assimilating fresh air into my heated body metabolism. At that moment I was not dressed in my clerical attire. I simply wore T-shirt on top and what is called ‘trouser before knickers and twenty-five minutes to bongo’ beneath.  After some useful minutes, I sat down relaxingly on a make-shift wooden seat. As if by invitation, three giant agama lizards stood before me, nodding their heads in a friendly manner.

I waved at them since they are naturally dumb. If it were during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War, when famine and lack of protein was the order of the day, I would have hunted them for pepper soup. However, I decided to pray the Rosary with those lizards.

As I was praying, they nodded their heads and wagged their tails spontaneously. Animals pray silently or by singing every day. The same God created us and them. The difference is that we were created in the image and likeness of God while they were created in the image and likeness of the environment.

After praying two decades of the Rosary, I saw a lady walking towards me. She was highly excited. With costly smiles she greeted me in clerical and civil ways: “Good afternoon Sir-Father!” I halted my prayer and replied enthusiastically, “Good after fine lady. How are you?” She responded, “I am very fine. But the devil is a great liar.”

The last sentence baffled me. Emotionally I asserted, “What! Where did you meet the devil who lied to you?” She replied, “Father, you cannot understand. Look at these pins devilish men implanted into my body which were removed yesterday. That’s how the devil lied to me and I have overcome him.” I asked her to give me the pins for closer inspection. She handed the exhibit to me.

I examined them critically, scientifically and theologically. Then I asked her the hospital where she was operated upon. She laughed and responded, “Father, they were not removed by surgery. A native doctor removed them by his mysterious power. To God be the glory!” I shouted, “Stop calling the name of God in vain! These alleged black pins and the process of their removal are diabolical.” She asserted, “Diabolic? Father, whatever you call it, I am healed from the pains in my body.”

In my inquisitiveness I further asked her, “Who inserted these pins inside your body and how?” She answered, “It was done by an unknown enemy of progress around me. The person did it through devilish power.” At this assertion I pitied the devil for the series of allegation leveled against him at all times.

Without farewell greeting, the lady walked away leaving the magic pins with me. This became an opportunity for me to look at the black pins closely. They were hook-shaped and short. They can even be used in fishing. If by omission or commission they enter your body, they will fish out the fishes you have eaten from childhood to adulthood.

I remembered how severally I dreaded the needle in a syringe whenever the doctor recommended an injection for me. Even up till today, I have phobia for injection. I prefer tablets to it. The anxiety of inserting the needle into my buttock or hand causes panic in me.

How then do the devilish persons insert so many black hooked pins into the body of their victims without feeling of pains? Also, I wonder how the victim goes about or sleeps when dozens of pins are inside his or her body. If someone accidentally marches upon a common thorn and part of it remains inside the foot, he or she feels the pain and cannot sleep without removing the thorn instantly.

It remains a mystery how someone is infested with the deadly black hooked pins without feeling the pains. A native doctor does the diagnosis and diabolically removes them without feeling of pain on the part of the patient. No surgery is needed to remove them.

If this is possible, then the native doctors concerned should remove appendicitis without surgery to prove their power. If they succeed in doing so, then surgery will be a thing of the past.

In my scientific and theological analysis, those black hooked pins are manufactured to instill fear. They are magical pins. They are the products of diabolical men in our society. They are sold in occult markets. The removal native doctors buy them and conceal them magically from their patients. When a patient comes to them, they perform some magical beating or biting of the patient’s body.

During the blind-folding process, the magical pins fall one after another. Afterwards, the patient feels some relief. Actually it is not pins that are removed; rather it is fear that is removed. The patient feels psychologically healed. Consultation and treatment fees are charged.

Finally, the native occult doctor smiles to the bank while the ‘healed’ patient goes home deceived and happy. Once fear of pain grabs the gullible, he or she returns to the native doctor for the diabolical removal of another set of pins.

Magic is simply a type of deceit. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines magic as “a secret power used to control events or to do impossible things by saying special words or performing special actions.” In other words, magic is a trick. A magician is a person who performs tricks.

There are tricks which are done for entertainment. There are also evil tricks. Black magic is a thriving business in Africa as a whole. There were many magicians during the reign of Pharaoh of Egypt. Even in the Bible we read about Simon the Magician (Sorcerer). He was a religious figure whose confrontation with Peter is recorded in the Acts of the Apostles Chapter 8:9-24.

The term Simony is derived from his name. The act of Simony is a deliberate effort to buy the power of God with money. Some men of God today are engaged in magic and simony. Are those who bear the name ‘Simon’ magicians or sorcerers? Are they guilty of Simony?

Many minds surely will agitate over this exceptional write-up on Magic Pins. Some will reason with me while some will lay curses on me. The beneficiaries of the diabolic magic pin removal are sure to be annoyed by my exposition of their tricks. Also, those who felt healed by the process will regard my position as rubbish.

I am anxiously waiting for ballistic missiles from near and far. The Lord is my Shepherd. There is nothing I shall fear. You can deceive some of the people some of the times. But you cannot deceive all the people all the times. By God’s grace, any weapon fashioned against me shall not prosper.

The days are bad. Shine your eyes well and stop falling prey to fear and prejudice. Be faithful and fateful. Magicians of various degrees are abundant in our society today. They live and eat through the acts of magic.  Many have been deceived and duped of their hard earned money by the diabolic or occult magicians. By their words or actions you can know them.