The Awka Diocesan Catholic Men Organization (ADCMO) Continues their Leadership Training At St. Edward’s Catholic Church Amawbia

By Precious Anaekie

The ongoing training of the Awka Diocesan Catholic Men Organization (ADCMO) was held on Sunday, 3rd November, 2019 at St. Edward’s Catholic Church, Amawbia.

The Awka Diocesan Catholic Men Organization (ADCMO) members were taught on the 8th week Programme of “THAT MAN IS YOU” (TMIY), which was done by Rev. Fr. Jerome Okafor.

The week’s title was centered on “LAYING FOUNDATION FOR THE FAMILY.”

During the training Fr. Jerome Okafor enlightened men on how to maintain the human capital, economic growth and the formal education on the children and on the society most especially from the primary formation which is the family.

He further narrated to them by giving a hint about king Henry VIII of England who was declared the head of Church in England and never led the people well by not laying a Good foundation. He said that king Henry VIII’s failure in moral leadership resulted in four consequences of failed male leadership which is being poured out upon England. He also viewed the leadership of Gray S. Becker who laid a great and wonderful foundation by building up a vision for the future.

He explained that the unity of a family is the one that guides the children in the way they behave to the society. He said that divorce doubles the likeliness of experimentation with illegal substances and these push children to join bad gang and irresponsible fellow because there was no one to lead nor direct them on the right part to follow. He also said that formation to save a society one must give out also what he owned.

In conclusion, he advised all Catholic Men to engage and always feed the family and children with the faith which is inspired by the Catholic Church so as to form a great root for the formation of the future. He also said that God is the founder and every man builds his foundation. However families who have God as their founder are helped by God to advance their children.

A small group discussion was held, and some contributions were made based on the training:
Mr. Boniface Ignatius from St. Mary’s Parish, Awka, said that as leaders they ought to be extremely careful about their children especially to those who have greater number of children so as to be more observant and mindful of the kind of company they keep. He also encouraged the CMO that they should always defend the truth wherever they find themselves.

Hon. Innocent Chuba Nwafor, from St. Patrick’s Parish, Mbaukwu, stated the that family is the primary root of every formation, that as leaders of the family, they ought to expose the children to different religious activities, societies and functions because that is how children are closer to God.

Contributing to this: Boniface Igwedilie ( CMO Chairman St. Edward Parish Amawbia ), urged the CMO to always pray for the Grace of God to guide them and strengthen them to know how to carry the people they are leading along, so that they won’t be Leaders like king Henry VIII.