Thank You for Going South Equity Movement Hails PDP, APGA, APC

By Jude Atupulazi

A group, Equity Movement Turn by Turn, has hailed the decision of major parties in Anambra State to choose their candidates from the Anambra South Senatorial Zone, describing the development as a display of understanding and maturity.

It will be recalled that such major political parties as the incumbent All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA; People’s Democratic Party, PDP; and

All Progressives Congress, APC, had all chosen their candidates from the South Senatorial Zone of the state.

Speaking in a press statement made available to Fides which was signed by the chairman, Gaius Ezeh and secretary, Dan Ejianya, Equity Movement Turn by Turn said the development had ensured peace and stability which the group had always seen as the foundation and the bedrock of growth in any human society.

The statement said, ‘In a joint stock company, growth is always enhanced where the partners all think that they are part of the business; that no one is alienated. This is against a situation where a partner in business thinks that a clique has hijacked their business.

‘The same holds for state business which growth is always assured where members all call the state theirs and enthusiastically make contributions for the growth of the state, unlike a situation where sections have reasons to think that a certain group or groups have hijacked the state for themselves.

‘In such a situation, there are always resentments, subtle sabotage on the state, feuds, open strife and infighting. The overall result is absence of peace and such a state can hardly be stable,’ the group stated.

The group said that for over two and a half years the Equity Movement had been advocating a shift of power to the South to political leaders, elder statesmen, church leaders, Anambra Elders Forum and traditional rulers, among others.

‘It would have been a terrible disappointment if at last, the zoning and rotation were dumped by the political class at the primaries. Our joy now is that all the three Senatorial Zones in the state now have good reasons to think that Anambra State belongs to all, and therefore, all of us have reasons to put in our best to make Anambra even greater.

‘The task is not over yet anyway. All the governorship candidates from all the political parties cannot occupy that seat. Only one person shall. It is Anambrarians that will do this job of selecting; not our brother, friend or even party man, but the best out of the whole good candidates produced by the parties for the seat of the manager of the state’s resources.

‘When we must have concluded this, we would have perfectly done our part and God definitely would not fail on His own part. We have gotten it right in this first step, and we have no fears that we shall finally get it right all through,’ the statement read.