Teach Your Children how to Observe Lent, Fr Anyiam Advises Parents, Teachers

By Chinecherem Efobi

Lenten reflection of Rev. Fr. Peter-Paul Anyiam, the Parish Priest of St. Mary’s Catholic Church Amaokpala and the Manager of St. Maria Goretti Nursery and Primary School, Amaokpala under St. Mary’s parish, Amaokpala, Given on Tuesday 10th March 2020.

Lent is a time of reconciliation and also a period of prayers. It is also known as a forty day journey in which we have to follow Christ to the desert. Jesus after his baptism, was led by the Holy Spirit into the desert, and there he fasted for forty days and forty nights. As He fasted for forty days and forty nights, those who would follow him will also fast and pray in like manner. This time around, the prophet Joel would guide Christians by saying; it’s a time to come back to God, a time to ask God for forgiveness. Joel would always tell us to tear our hearts and not our clothes. So it’s a time to say, God please forgive us for the sins we have done so that we will come back and be better and better with Him. It is a time we have to come back to God with sincerity and continue to love God.

Blessings come when we must have followed God to the desert, then coming back we are very fit in order to gain the blessings. Children are also needed to participate like the adults by prayers and smaller observances.

For instance, those who are used to playing always, their parents and teachers should guide them to withdraw a little from it, because as Children they are, you can’t deny them from playing. Going to catechism and going for block Rosary and other religious activities in the Church bring blessings to the Children, family and society at large.

When we have done our lenten observances very well, there are some other good things that will happen to us especially in fighting the flesh and the devil through our conscious efforts”.

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