News Update

Taking 2nd Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic More Seriously

The Covid-19 pandemic has returned with a bang. This time, it appears to be fiercer than it was the first time, judging from the way it has not only infected people already, but also the rate at which it has claimed lives so far. It is difficult to predict how far the spread would go this time, but one thing that is certain is the fact that more lives will be lost if necessary measures are not put in place by Nigerians in every part of the country.

Deadly as this virus might be, the good part is that the measures needed to be taken in order to be safe from it are quite simple. Regular washing of both hands with soap and water, regularly using of hand sanitizers, maintaining social distance, wearing of face masks constantly, especially in public, feeding well and keeping the environment clean, are some of the measures needed to be taken in order to fight this deadly scourge. They are not difficult measures to be taken, but they can go a very long way in seeing that the pandemic does not spread farther than it should.

Here in Anambra State, it is very unfortunate that most people do not believe that the virus is real. They claim that were it real, everyone at Onitsha Main Market, especially, would have been affected by now, judging from the large population of people in the market. It is important for everybody reading this to understand that the pandemic is not only real, but also, not a respecter of persons. A lot of personalities and celebrities alike have openly sent out audio and video messages to Nigerians, and, indeed, the world over, that they be careful, as the virus is real and they have contracted it.

Thankfully, the Anambra State Government has made both the COVID-19 tests, and even treatments, free of charge, in order to leave no stone unturned in seeing that the state is rid of the dreaded virus. Anambra residents are advised to do all they can in their own little ways to help curb this menace by doing the needful the moment they suspect that they have contracted the disease. This will go a long way in arresting this scourge and making Anambra remain COVID-free.

Health, they say, is wealth. It is expedient to put all hands on deck to see that this scourge is nipped in the bud so that Anambra will not record more cases than it has, presently.

We cannot afford another lock down, given the economic losses that will be incurred by both the government and the people. But it will be inevitable if we fail to observe the preventive measures.