Take Your Job Seriously – PPSSC Director to Secondary School Staff

By Precious Ukeje

The Director, Science and Technology, Post Primary School Service Commission and representative of PPSSC during the 2019/2020 Session’s Second Term’s Staff Forum, Mrs Nkiruka Chibor, has advised staff members of secondary schools to be dedicated to their jobs, knowing that they represent their meal ticket.

She stated this during the termly staff forum meeting of post primary schools across Anambra State, Tuesday, January 14.

Mrs Chibor, who was on a school-to-school tour to see how the programme was going on in each school, told staff members during a brief stopover at Kenneth Dike Memorial Secondary, that the Teachers’ Forum, a termly event, was necessary and mandatory for every teacher.

She warned against laxity, noting that the state government would not have taken pains to dedicate a whole work day to have staff in various secondary schools sit together, learn and interact with each other if it did not attach importance to it.

She also told them that everyone had a reward for the manner in which they discharged the duties entrusted in their hands.

Also, the PPSSC rep added that everyone would give account of whatever thing they did while on earth before God and urged those present to eschew every form of eye service in the discharge of their duties.

‘We receive reward from God as we discharge our duties and we are certain that we will one day give account of our stewardship before God,’ Mrs Chibor said.

Speaking on the contents of the Anambra Teachers’ Oath, Mrs Chibor called the attention of the attendees to the need for punctuality and regularity at work. She added that the contents of the oath were meant for them to commit to heart and also to constantly reflect on them as a guide in their daily engagements, especially while teaching the students.

Mrs Chibor, who made comments on the last line of the oath, “I will discharge my duties with smile”, urged the teachers to remember that the students in the various schools were their responsibilities and should be treated as such. She stressed that instead of cursing the students and calling them names in class when they were not following, they should rather endeavour to find out their problems, engage in discussions with them and make sure every child was carried along.

In a similar note, a staff member of Kenneth Dike Memorial Secondary School, Mrs Delphin Azodo, who delivered a lecture on the central theme of the term’s Teachers’ Forum, “A Disciplined Staff: Agent for Achieving the National Education Goal”, told those who were in attendance that they could only achieve national goal when they were disciplined, adding that discipline was best when it was intrinsic.

Mrs Azodo, who noted that the 6th edition of the National Educational Policy of 2013 contained a ten-year basic education plan which joined the primary and junior secondary education as basic She also highlighted all the national educational goals, noting that they could only be achieved by a team of disciplined staff efficiently and effectively.

Other staff members who spoke on several other sub topics included: Evangeline Onwubiko, “Staff Right Attitude to Work”; Nkeiruka Nwolisa, “Managing our Resources in the Face of Economic Melt Down”; Theresa Chinyere Okeke, “Stress and Stress Management”; and Ugochukwu Nnajidenma, who spoke on, “Self Comportment by an Ideal Teacher”.

Substantive teachers, teaching practice students, N-Power teachers and corps member teachers attended the event.

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