Success of My Ofala, Triumph for My Catholic Faith – Ezeuzu Awka

By Jude Atupulazi

Despite his travail in the hands of those trying to destabilize his kingdom as a result of his strong Christian faith, the traditional ruler of Awka Community, Obi Gibson Nwosu, says his belief in God has been lifted even more. This, he says, followed the great success his Egwu Uzu or Ofala, recorded last December.

It will be recalled that a few elements in Awka Town have not taken kindly to the strong Christian faith of their monarch, especially regarding the pouring of sand in the grave by widows. This matter had led to many others, some of which had been settled in court. But that has not stopped some of those elements from fomenting trouble for the monarch who is now accusing outside influences of sponsoring those elements.

Fides recalls that prior to the last ofala by the Ezeuzu, December 18, last year, a certain individual had attempted to cause confusion by fixing a similar function veiled under another name, during which he also gave chieftaincy titles to people.

But speaking to Fides in his palace, Tuesday, Obi Gibson Nwosu thanked God for what he described as the resounding success of his ofala, which, he said, had further lifted his belief in God.

‘The success of my EgwuUzu (ofala) has lifted my belief in God. They said I would die before then so that GovObiano would have no other choice but to give the throne to another person.

But they forgot that Awka has a procedure for the monarchy,’ Obi Nwosu said.

According to him, his predecessor came from the North of the town, while he came from the South. After him, the throne would return to the North. But even at that, he said, it would not go to Umuayom Village, but to Nkwerre. Noting that there was a court interpretation on that, he said it would take about 2000 years for the Awka Kingship to get to Umuayom. Knowing this, he said, his adversary had been trying to take it by force.

He called on those fueling crisis in other communities to have a rethink and rather use their money to build industries that would offer employment to the youths.

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