Start From Somewhere

By Amarachi Okpunobi

When the year 2019 was about to end, I bet you began making some adjustments to what your choices and decisions would be. Decisions like, ‘2020, I am going to be productive, progressive and persistent. Choices like, I will delete this person or the other from the list of my friends. Every second will count for me. I will restrict myself from unnecessary movements and unproductive talks or arguments’. So many decisions you were willing to make once it clocked 12:00am of first January 2020. You were willing to stay awake and watch the clock tick as it got to the first day of the new year. You even wrote them down with a strong conviction that they will all be achieved. You hung the written choices and decisions already called your resolutions on the wall in your room beside your bed. You look at them every now and then. They gaze at you immovable and stuck just the way you hung them. You reaffirm the lines you have written to yourself over and over again. You will stand in the mirror and fantasize how mighty and great you will be if those choices are met. You look at yourself before the mirror with great admiration, ‘what a beautiful creature I am’. You are filled with imaginations and you are optimistic that they will all be met. These decisions and choices you have made become your resolutions, then they also become your dreams. Great dreams. You begin bragging to friends how big your resolutions are. You post them on social media, people cheer you with their comments and you get drowned in fake obsessions. Consciously, some begin to count days for you. You ignorantly post what ever little effort you make towards getting closer to their achievement on your timeline. But then, what next? That’s the big question.

Most times we are thrown into fantasy with the big and mighty dreams we make. We hang them on the wall and keep admiring them. We wake up, they look at us and we do the same to them. We keep gazing at them, sometimes we even memorize the lines we have written for them. Funny isn’t it?

We are stuck with big dreams and resolutions that most times we do not know how to go about achieving them. We end up confusing ourselves the more in a more confused and complicated society we have found ourselves. The truth is, time waits not for you to achieve them.

Before making these resolutions, were you able to sit, think and rethink about them? Were you able to meditate about your choices? Did you take a look at your last resolutions to identify the reasons behind you not meeting them? Your inefficiencies, inabilities and deficiencies? Have you been able to draw a thin line between your potentials, abilities and capabilities and those of others? Did you make them out of jealousy? Yes! Were you triggered by the achievements of your contemporaries to make such choices? Were you also able to draw plans towards their achievement?

If you are able to give sincere answers to the above questions then, you are a step closer to meeting your resolutions and achieving your dreams.

Dreams are left shattered and broken in shackles because of our immaturity in making them. We are faced with so much challenges that we end up making a decisions that shouldn’t if all things being equal be in our list of choices.

You don’t prepare for them. You don’t even take a step towards achieving them. You have been clouded by the cheers from the crowd and forgetting all about the journey. You very much try to measure up, check and balance your level in life with that of your contemporaries.
January 2020 has just few days to wrap up, what have you been able to do about your list of resolutions and dreams? Are you still admiring them? Has the dust of the season erased what you have written? Do you still wait for time to come to start something.

Pick them up! Clean them. Rewrite and edit them. Remove those ones that were made out of jealousy or envy. Write from your heart, write your own dreams. Read them aloud to yourself. Sit alone and think about them. Plan. Yes, plan about them. It will take some time. It will also take some mental energy. You may need to leave some offended and some may also do likewise to you.

Start anyhow! Start big, start small, push it. Just start and be persistent. Dreams aren’t achieved in a day. Success is a big summary of little start ups. You will fail, rise up and push it. That’s an indication that you are working things out. Try some other means, have a plan B and don’t be too rigid to make changes along the way. It is not always a straight road. In all these, don’t forget to start doing something.What really matters is that at the end, your dreams were not shattered.

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