St. Vincent Parish, Nimo, Celebrates Holy Childhood Association

. . . Dedicates Children, inaugurates Patrons, Ambassadors

By Mercy Hill

St. Vincent Catholic Parish,Nimo, marked yet another epoch day in the history of the HCA in the parish since inception, when the parish on 6th January 2018, the feast day of Epiphany; organized mass dedication for children who were not dedicated, first holy communion; Christmas/New year get together alongside enthronement of Ambassadors, patrons, promoters and Funders of the HCA in the parish.

The Eucharistic Holy Mass which was presided by the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Jude Mbanefo, alongside other concelebrants was to be significant in the area of giving children a place in the church, sense of relationship and instilling the spirit of love and oneness among them.

In a homily during the Mass, Rev Fr. Walter Okafor, encouraged parents and Animators, to instill in their wards the act of stewardship, noting that it was pertinent for them to lead an exemplary live for their children to imbibe.

He further advised children to embrace the teachings and the foundation laid for them by the church and align themselves to the precepts of God.

Speaking during an interview with Fides, the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Jude Mbanefo said that the mass was organized with a view to help guide children’s spirituality towards the things of God, keep their fire aflame in the areas of Catechism, Sacraments and sacramentals as well as helping them remain focused to spiritual realities.

He commended Bar. Ijeoma Okonkwo, with her team of Animators for their dedication and immense contribution to help foster a sense of responsiveness and responsibility in the children. He therefore advised that Animators should imbibe such passion for impartation of sacraments and the teachings of Christ.

Fr. Mbanefo added that the parish has set in her goals the conscious attempt to spur Children’s involvement and development of skills and talents through sports and other recreational activities like table tennis, volleyball, basketball, Chess, scrabble among others.

”These activities will aid psychological and physical support”, he noted.

In her speech of welcome during the reception, the convener of the event, Bar. Ijeoma Okonkwo, appreciated all parishioners who have been of support to HCA, other Animators and the Parish Priests. She recounted that the parish priest has been supportive, recalling how they conducted burial/funeral rites for children, evident in the burial of Miss Mirabel Okonkwo; dedication of those who were not dedicated; sponsoring Animators for seminars as well as celebration of children.

Bar. Okonkwo, urged all well meaning Parishioners to continue in their efforts to take up the challenge of spiritual sustenance of Children.

Highlights of the event was a Liturgical Ability Competition, Pageantry, Welcome songs, presentation of gifts of love to Children by the Parish Priest, among others.

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