St. Paul’s Ugwuoba Community Appreciates Adrian & Gloria Kramer at Feast Day Celebration

… Kramer’s teaches community service with life style
… as students display mastery knowledge and craftsmanship

By Uche Enem

Parishioners of St. Paul’s Ugwuoba gathered on 5th August, 2018, to celebrate her Feast day celebration and to specially appreciate Adrian & Gloria Krammer for erecting a magnificent structure for the academic learning and acquisition of the pupils and for standing thick and thin especially in matters relating to the school over some period of time.

In what will be described as love for education and love for children, the family of Adrian & Gloria Kramer has made it their attitude to give back to not only their country but also to a small community in Enugu State, Nigeria, called Ugwuoba, after nearing completion of a story building with 12 classrooms; 4 offices; school/ parish hall; library, 2 apartment and modern convenience in 4 locations.

Bishop Peter Okpaleke, who led in the unveiling of the signpost of Adrian & Gloria Kramer Model School, expressed joy over such rare generosity and kindness to the community. The Bishop reminded Christians that love was the greatest gift to mankind and charged Christians to do same. He said that the love demonstrated by Kramer’s to Ugwuoba community, was a strong sign of true love. He thanked Kramer’s for their support and assistance to the school.
Taking a cue from Proverbs 22: 6, the Bishop charged parents to train and discipline their children and reminded them that polishing their children was the highest investment they could achieve. He encouraged parents to be role models to their children and set examples for them.

Addressing the students, the bishop charged them to open their minds to innovations and teachings they receive from the school. He encouraged them to make use of every opportunity they receive from the school.

‘Charity begins from home and family brings discipline. Do not waste this opportunity because a journey of a thousand miles starts with a foot step he concluded.

During the Mass, Fr Okeke told parishioners to learn from the attitude displayed by Gloria Kramer especially in the area of community services and humility. He explained to them how Kramer, a 76 year old woman through her simplicity, joined hands with students to uproot weeds and tidy the school environment. He told them that true giving involves so many sacrifices to people who are in need. Using the life style of Gloria, he told members of Ugwuoba community to walk in the footsteps of what Gloria Kramer has laid for the community.

At the reception ground, Gloria Kramer who is fondly called ‘Dodo’ and her husband, ‘Chief’, unveiled the signpost of Adrian & Gloria Kramer Model School alongside with friends and well wishers of the parish. It was indeed a joyful event to witness.

In the address of welcome ready by the Headmistress, Monica Umeh, she thanked Adrian and Gloria Krammer for their support and assured them that the management and pupils were set to work hard to make the school a Model as it is called. She thanked the Krammer’s for showing through their life style the importance of community service. The address welcomed Fr. Collins Okeke and thanked him for his kindness and thanked Fr. Nwankwo for his sacrifice in uplifting the school to standard.

‘Dodo, you have taught us a lot especially the importance of community service. First, you always pick things up and put them in the trash can. More touching is that on Wednesday, barely 24hrs into your visit, you were here, on your knees weeding the flower bed with the kids. That way, you taught them and us that manual work is not something reserved to the poor, but work of all sorts, especially one that serves the community, adds to human dignity. We are grateful to these lessons’

In his closing remarks, Rev. Fr. Okeke who spoke on behalf of Gloria Kramer thanked Ugwuoba community for the warm welcome and gift presentation received from Ugwuoba community.

In his vote of thanks, the Parish Priest of St. Paul’s Ugwuoba, Rev. Fr. Lawrence Nwankwo, expressed joy and gladness to witness such rare generosity and kindness. He thanked the Bishop for coming to celebrate with them. In a special way, he thanked the donors for their big heart and show of gross generosity. He thanked Rev. Fr. Collins Okeke for his big heart and think home philosophy in pulling support from

Headmistress of AGK Model school, Monica Umeh, presenting a welcome address
Gloria Kramer displaying one of the gifts presented by Ugwuoba Community in appreciation of the education structure erected for the AGK Model School by the Kramer’s
A pupil presenting a welcome gift to Gloria Kramer
The acting Chairman of the occasion, Dr. Vincent Ofoegbu presenting kola to Gloria Kramer
Pupils of AGK Model School presenting a welcome song
Pupils display their mastery skills of craft and pose with Gloria Kramer
The Igbo cultural troupe displaying their skills
Priests, friends and members of Ugwuoba community heartily cut cake with Gloria Kramer
Chorography skills displayed by pupils of AGK
Pupils display vocational skills in bead making and hand fan

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