St Michael’s Parish Isiagu Appreciates Fr Aloysius after Two Years

By Amaka Olua

Three Years after he served as the Parish Priest of St Michael’s Parish Isiagu and left unappreciated due to problems created by some of the Parishioners, the Spiritual Director, Tansi International College, Awka, Fr Aloysius Chukwuma Orekie, was on Sunday November, 18 2018, invited by St Michael’s Parish Isiagu for reconciliation and appreciation of his good work for the three years he was in the Parish.

Earlier, when he led in the Concelebrated reconciliation Mass, Fr Aloysius Orekie who is currently the spiritual Director of Tansi International College, Awka, described his visit to the Parish as celebration of God’s love and triumph of truth, noting that, truth, peace and love bring about development. Fr Orekie who was full of joy commended the Parishioners for remembering him and also invited him for reconciliation, saying that the greatest commandment God gave to his people was to love one another. He advised them to love one another and also have peaceful co-operation among themselves and neighbour. This was even as he advised them to imitate the footstep of God whom they serve, noting that reconciliation with someone that was wronged was pleasing to God. Fr Orekie said he was honoured to be invited by the Parish for reconciliation and prayed that God’s blessings would never depart from them.

In his remarks, the Dean Awka 1Deanery, Rev Fr Matthew Attansey commended the Parish Priest Rev Fr Moses Iloka and the Parishioners for their good thought towards the immediate past Parish Priest, Fr Orekie; He charged the faithful to always live in peace and harmony with one another, especially their Priest, saying living in peace with one another brings peace, togetherness, as unity brings progress in the Community. This was even as he charged them to be their brother’s keeper.

Also speaking, the Parish Priest, Rev Fr Moses Iloka thanked Fr Orekie who accepted to honour their invitation and also commended the Parishioners who came up with the suggestion for the Parish to invite Fr Orekie for reconciliation, so as to restore peace and progress to the Parish.

In his homily, Fr Aloysius Orekie who based his sermon on love, described love as the greatest commandment that God gave to his people. He charged the faithful to be careful of the kind of life they live. He noted that when they love one another, they would easily forgive the person but when there is no love it bring about hatred. He noted that truth brings co-operation and trust in every human relationship, pointing out that where truth is lacked, trouble reigned. He advised to be doing good and also stand by the truth which portrays them as Christians.

The CWO members showing their gratitude to Fr Orekie
The Parish Priest, Rev Fr Moses Iloka giving his remarks flanked on his right by the Cathedral Administrator, Rev Fr Mathew Attensey and the celebrant Fr Orekie
Cross section of Parishioners during the Mass
Some Parishioners present a portrait of Fr Orekie to him

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