St Michael’s Parish Akwaeze Celebrates Feast Day

By Princess Chinecherem Efobi

The St Michael the Arch Angel parishioners and priest, Akwaeze, in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State, Sunday, 26 Sept 2021, celebrated their Patron Saint’s feast day. St Michael is their patron saint.

In his homily during the Mass, the parish priest, Rev. Fr.  Bartholomew Onuora, noted that it was important to celebrate such a feast as birthdays, weddings and other things were celebrated.

‘This is to show that we are happy for what God has done for us. In this situation, we are thanking God today for the gift of our parish, for how it has been growing all the years and we can’t thank God enough for the life we live together as parishioners,’ he said.

In his explanation on who St. Michael the Arch Angel is, he noted that Michael meant, “Who is like God?”; the power of God the angel used to subdue Satan in battle. He enjoined Christians to ask St. Michael to come to their aid in most difficulties when it seemed that Satan was on their neck. He explained that the feast was supposed to be celebrated on the 29th of September for 2021, but was shifted to 26th for convenience.

Speaking exclusively to Fides, Fr Onuorah called on parishes to organize such free events to bond the parishioners better, both spiritually and otherwise. He appreciated all who contributed to the feast day celebration, including St Michael’s parishioners in diaspora.

The feast day organizing committee led by Sunday Okafor as the Parish CMO President, assisted by Izuchukwu Nworah, Mrs Chika Anaetoh, and others, packaged good fun fare and merriment for the delighted parishioners.