St Mary’s High School Ifitedunu Hosts Maiden Science Week Cum Exhibition

…As Science Theories Meet with Inventions

By CP Uzoaganobi

It turned out to be a science engaging week for the students of St Mary’s High School, Ifitedunu in Dunukofia LGA, Anambra State, on Friday, June 2, 2023, as the school hosted a three-day grand finale of Science Week/Exhibition.

Meanwhile, the Day One of the Science Week began on Wednesday, May 31, with the theme, ‘An Introduction and Awareness of Sciences in our Everyday Life’.

During the event, some students posed as some Fathers of Sciences like; Michael Faraday; Galileo Galilei; Gregor Mendel; Thomas Edison, among others, to discuss their life histories and inentions.

On the second day, being Thursday, there was a drama performance that conveyed the message stating; ‘Science is good but you must not be a scientist’. The drama addressed issues about students being forced to choose  science courses without considering their competence in science subjects or even dedication to studying sciences. A Science Quiz among the SS1 classes followed, with the SS 1D class emerging victorious which was described as ‘a surprise victory.’

Mr. Christian Anyogu, the organizer of the event and science teacher, said the SS 1D class was seen as having less intelligent students among their set but noted that their ability to brainstorm and reach a unanimous agreement to answer questions was remarkable.

Laboratory demonstration was used to conclude the Day Two activities where the Science Students performed the Volumetric Analysis (Acid and Base titration), which they explained and experimented on.

The grand finale of the Science Week took place at the School’s Court where parents and guidians  were present to witness their children’s prowess. The Science students of the school came up with such items as; electromagnetic generator; refrigerator; solar fan; rechargeable fan; Automated Teller Machine (ATM); mechanical sports car; and a wired house powered by batteries. Some of which were collective efforts while some were individual efforts.

Speaking to Fides, an SS 2 student, Master Chukwuebuka Nnaji from Nkanu West, Enugu State,  disclosed that he got the motivation to attempt constructing the Automated Teller Machine when he was with his mother at the ATM boot to withdraw money.

‘I tried it for the first time, inserted a propeller inside a carton, then placed a plain carved paper inside. Once the propeller is rotating, the paper will be coming out. I also tried it on a wooden box, it gave me the same result before I choose to do it again on my school’s Science Week,’ Nnaji said.

Master Jude Nwankwo and John-Christopher Achebe, both in SS2 and from Umunachi, disclosed to Fides that they collectively produced an Electromagnetic Generator, using Dc motor fan and magnates. In their analysis, they stated that ‘Just like Dynamo that changes mechanical energy into electric energy, the Dc motor can also be used as dynamo.

We placed a stick on the DC motor fan and attached smaller magnates and also placed four bigger magnates that are like poles which repel side by side. So as they are repelling, electric current flows once there is enough force to keep it rotating’.

The School Manager, Rev Fr. Ugochukwu Ngana, said it was the first time the Science Week was organized in the school, adding that it was an avenue of exploring the practical aspect of sciences.

He also stated that it was a way of encouraging the students in the use of their energy and thinking tanks to engage in meaningful things for the betterment of our society instead of involving in negative trends seen among the youths.

He also noted that the activity was to enable them to know that science was about knowing and solving the problems in their environment.

He further stated that in the area of academics, some students who produced the items were not that brilliant, which proved that education was not all about reading and memorizing but also involved practicals.

Fr. Ngana added that next term would be the school’s Art Week which will be followed by Language/Cultural Week in the upper term to accommodate all forms of formation in the school.

The mother of Master Favour Igbokwe, who is in JSS 3, expressed her excitement about the school’s Science Week. She stated: ‘It is a thing of joy and pride, for parents to know that creativity and invention were being developed in these children and I must say, kudos to the School Manager and staff.’

More so, the event which also featured a brief PTA Meeting where the school Manager, Fr. Ngana, addressed the challenges of the school, like feeding of the students. He admitted that the economic situation could not be favourable, and all hands were not equal yet urged parents to give according to their conscience on Sunday, June 25, which is the school’s Gift Sunday. which will begin with a Holy Mass at 9am.