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St Joseph the Worker Adazi-Nnukwu Mark Feast, Fathers’ Day

…As Fathers Take over Mass Service

By Precious Ukeje

It was a moment of excitement as well as solemnity accompanied by a pool of activities at St Joseph the Worker Catholic Parish, Adazi-Nnukwu, last Sunday, May 2, 2021, as they celebrated feast day, paying reverence to their patron saint. This coincided with the celebration of fathers’ day which held simultaneously in all Catholic parishes across the globe.

Catholic Men Organisation perform during reception

Fides reports that fathers in the parish were seen serving in various capacities and activities like reading and leading in prayer of the faithful during Holy Mass, while prayers were offered to God through St Joseph, who was described by Rev. Fr Jude Nwokolo, the parish’s Vicar, as the model for fatherhood.

Fr Nwokolo in his homily, reflected on how God paid little attention to the wrongdoings of men, but rather wanted them to constantly be in good terms with Him at every time.

‘Every saint was a sinner; God has a short memory, forgetting the wrong people did but paying attention to remember your present condition with Him,’ Fr Nwokolo explained.

Rev. Fr Jude Nwokolo, Vicar, St Joseph the Worker Catholic Parish, Adazi-Nnukwu, during homily

Making allusions to the story of Apostle Paul in the scriptures, he urged the people to constantly seek to please God in their daily living and wholly trust Him for whatever they needed.

Speaking to the men, Fr Nwokolo warned against being absentee fathers in their homes, and enjoined them to do some introspection on the kind of fathers they were, most especially, because fathers’ day coincided with the day of St Joseph.

While parishioners turned out en-masse for the tripartite occasion, the reception on the other was laced with variety of musical and dancing activities as well as wrestling and penalty shoots by the parish’s CMO.

Fathers of St Joseph the Worker in offertory procession