Spiritual Reflection: KSJI Holds Annual Retreat

By Uchechukwu Enem

Christ’s exposition on dismembering our body parts if it leads us to sin, draws the attention of Christians on the daily need of spiritual reflections in their lives. The Annual retreat of the Knight of St. John International (KSJI) Awka Commandery/ Laux, had the same line of Christ’s exposition, which started on the 11th of October and ended on the 13th of October at Archbishop A.K. Obiefuna Retreat, Pastoral & Conference Center, Awka.

At the retreat, the President of KSJI. Awka Commandery, Sir Tony Okeke, welcomed the knight members to the retreat as he urged them to dispose their minds to the spiritual benefits of the retreat. He said the retreat was an opportunity to move closer and reunite with God through praying and reconciliation. He added that the essence was to get reinvigorated and rejuvenated. He encouraged all Knights to find time to have regular spiritual reflection outside the yearly annual retreat of the KSJI.

The first session of the retreat had the theme: ‘My Knighthood and Spiritual Life’. The Retreat Moderator, Rev. Fr. Luke Chebe Okoye, exposed them on an individual task to reflect on their lives as Knights of the church. He said that if being a Knight member has worsened their relationship with God, then it is not worthwhile being a knight of the church. He illustrated a Knight member as someone who is an inspiration and role model to the church.

Notwithstanding, living a lifestyle that should make positive impact to the church and people around them.

The second session of the retreat had the theme: ‘Towards reconciling with my God and Neighbor’. Fr. Chebe told knight members that the retreat was an opportunity to reconcile with God and to receive his blessings. He added that it is a personal assessment task for them to reexamine and reconcile with their neighbors with a clear conscience and a new heart.

The Grand Respected President of the Awka Grand Commandery Laux, Lady Vera Ejiofor, encouraged members to make it a duty as Catholics to come together and commune with God regularly. On her part, she noted that being a Knight of the church is not an easy task; but that all members should thrive to make heaven. She advised that Christians should engaged regularly in charity works and obedience to God’s word.

Also speaking, a member of the organizing committee, Lady Chinwe Nnedum, said that the retreat was a soul searching experience for her. She commended the retreat moderator for taking them on a personal assessment journey as a knight member. She noted that it is only God who knows our secrets, therefore, personal meditation and communion with him will redefine and model our lives towards heaven.