Soy Milk Drink, underrated – Dietician

By Ifeoma Ogbodo

Soy Milk drink is a popular locally made drink sold in most cities and villages across the country .This Dairy-free source of milk is made solely from soya beans and is a powerhouse of health benefits.

Speaking to Fides in an exclusive interview, a health expert, dietician and food plan drafter, Miss Nsikak Effiong, said Soy Milk drink was underrated as most People did not consider the health benefits derivable from the drink, noting that it hurt to know that what most people looked for health-wise was within reach but intentionally ignored.

She said, ‘Soy Milk drink is very good for the health; research has proven that the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in Soy Milk drink can outrightly provide important health benefits. For instance, the forms of vitamin B found in Soy Milk drink are extremely important for helping the body maintain nerve cells and DNA. These Vitamins also help to avoid certain forms of anemia which prevent tiredness and fatigue.

Effiong, while recounting her personal experience, commended the effective work which she said Soy Milk drink had done in her system and that of her clients, especially how it improved her heart health since she found its health benefits a year ago.

‘Soy Milk drink, when taken regularly, supports the cardiovascular system. Soy Milk is an excellent source of potassium. Potassium is deeply connected with maintaining lower blood pressure and a regular pulse. Furthermore, Soy Milk has been linked to lower cholesterol levels, especially in people who have high cholesterol. For those who are Vegan or lactose intolerant, Soy Milk drink is a blessing,’ she disclosed.

She however regretted the attitude of people to health information, describing it as relatively low as most people did not attach importance and the needed seriousness to matters concerning their health until they were hooked and found themselves critically ill. She maintained that management of health situations in such critical moment could be very demanding and emphasized the need for people to adopt the cliché that prevention was better than cure in their daily activities.

Explaining the usefulness of Soy Milk in weight loss, the dietician said Soy Milk drink had contributed largely in achieving weight loss of the body.

According to her, the beverage helped with obesity and high blood pressure and was solely achieved through combining Soy Milk with a low-fat diet. She said that soy proteins got rid of obesity while keeping muscle mass in place.

Miss Effiong beckoned on people, especially those in positions of authority, to promote the drink, which, she said, was commonly available for people across different income levels.