Southeast Voters Disenfranchised – Obi …Rejects INEC Presidential Results in Anambra

. . . Rejects INEC Presidential Results in Anambra

By Paschal Chibueze

Vice presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party PDP Mr Peter Obi, has accused the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC of disenfranchising over eight million registered voters in the South East Geo-political Zone in the last general election.

Obi further lamented that the general election was systematically planned to ensure that the  zone do not participate fully in the electoral process contending that our of ten million registered voters in the area only twenty percent were able to cast there votes.

‘You will recall that on the election day I said that the process was clumsy and we also had major problem of card readers and most people could not vote.

‘When over four hundred thousand Card Readers got burnt it became clear that some thing was wrong some where and the Independent National Electoral Commission could not save the situation and they will not allow people to vote manually.

‘But in some other parts of the country people are allowed to vote manually and it was accepted by the electoral body. Now how can you tell me that a state like Yobe and Boronu produced the number of voters that is higher than Anambra and Ebony states put together.

‘The two states are areas that have been at war and I wonder how they got Card Readers that are working so well despite the war situation that they found them selves.

Obi noted that instead of the country building on achievements of the 2015 general election the country is on a reverse adding that the impressive turn out of voters was discouraged by the performance of the electoral body last Saturday.

Obi also recalled that since the election period members of the People’s Democratic Party PDP are being harrased and attacked by the authorities in a bid to intimidate them into submission.

Obi however noted that it is not up to him to announce any demand for the cancellation of the election adding that is left for the party to make it’s position clear on the matter.

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