Soprom Hotel Expresses Gratitude to People over Fire Incident

…Says Main Facility Intact

By Jude Atupulazi

The Management of Soprom Hotels Limited, 3-3 Estate, close to Onitsha, has thanked the populace for their support and efforts to help douse the fire that recently engulfed a section of the hotel, even as he wooed them for more patronage.

He regretted that news of the fire had been misrepresented, with many saying that the hotel was completely destroyed. He said the only affected parts of the hotel by the fire were the hall and the gym house.

‘But some people went to town with tales of how the entire facility was razed down by fire, creating fear and panic among numerous customers of the hotel,’ Chief Ambassador Ben Okafor, Chairman of the hotel, said last Sunday at a dinner party hosted by the Management of the hotel to thank God for sparing the facility.

Okafor while addressing customers and members of the media in the party said: ‘The stories you heard about Soprom Hotel being entirely burnt down were untrue.

‘Here we are today, after the incident of last week, our facility is still intact and topnotch. I remember receiving calls from all over the country and beyond; from our patrons, sympathizing with me over the news that this facility was completely burnt down.

‘That fateful day, I remember how customers and well-wishers rallied round us to put off the fire. The love people showed us that day was unprecedented and we are here to say thank you for your support. Only one building in the hotel was affected, and, of course, you know how many buildings are in this hotel. We appreciate you all and urge you to ignore rumour mongers,’ Okafor stated.

Soprom Hotel is one of the best hotels in the commercial city of Onitsha and has become the choice destination of the high and mighty in the city and beyond.