1) Declaration of State of emergency on waste. Upon assumption of office, Governor Soludo’s administration embarked on massive waste clearing and evacuation in major urban areas of the State through a special team headed by the Deputy Governor Dr. Onyeka ibezim.

2) Conducted special waste evacuation exercise in Okpoko community in Ogbaru.

The first assignment of  Governor Soludo after swearing in was the visit to Okpoko where he flagged off the special intervention.

3) Installation of solar lights in the waste dump sites at Onitsha. (along Onitsha-Owerri Road), Nnewi, Nkwelle-Ezunaka to enhance waste evacuation activities at night. With financial assistance of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

4) Engagement of 31 solid waste collection and evacuation contractors. In order to pursue a holistic strategy for a clean environment throughout the State.  31 contractors were engaged in July, 2022 to carry out House to House collection of refuse to avoid open dumping.

5) Ongoing distribution of branded waste bins to Anambra residents to enhance House to House collection of refuse through ASWAMA.

6) Construction of public toilets at strategic places like Upper iweka (Onitsha)through Climate Smart project in collaboration with the Federal government to help curtail open air defecation.

7) Held a summit on the 5th of May , 2022 where stakeholders brainstormed on how to make the environment clean and more friendlier for human habitation with renowned resource persons in attendance.

8) Sponsored massive tree planting campaign that was extended to major cities and towns in the State such as Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi. An estimated 5,000 trees were planted for Climate Change mitigation as well as beautification of our environment.

9) Held a special symposium on forests and biodiversity preservation in the global efforts to mitigate climate change and effects on ecosystem.

10) Preparation of over 5,000 seedlings of different species and planting of trees in reforestation of Mamu, Ossomala and Ebenebe in collaboration with the Federal government.

11)  Radio and Television Live programmes were severally held by officers of the Ministry to effectively send the message of keeping the environment clean, stressed the importance of planting trees and emphasised the dangers of illegal and unapproved sand excavation to prevent land degradation occurrence.

12) Launched Operation Clean and Green Anambra initiative with branded vehicles for an aggressive campaign to actualize the mantra of building a clean, green and smart mega city.

12) Prompt intervention and investigation of complaints received from ndi Anambra.

A total number of 39 complaints were brought to the attention of government with respect to environmental nuisance, out of which 12 were successfully investigated and abated/resolved. Others are in progress of being resolved.

13) Averted flooding at plastic Market Ogbunike in Oyi LGA through water canal re – channelization.

14) Enforcement of standard practice of animal slaughter and sales of meat in a clean environment of abattoirs within Anambra State.

15) Fumigation exercise on public buildings against dangerous insects, pests, vectors and rodents.

16) Ongoing construction of Climate Smart Municipal solid waste Recycling plant at the Nkwelle Ezunaka Dump site for waste to wealth in collaboration with the Federal government. This is aimed at turning waste to wealth and empowering our Youths.

16) Skill acquisition programme through the training of 50 Youths from 5 different communities on Bee farming. Etc.

Governor Soludo is committed to ensuring that ndi Anambra gets the best from his administration.

Governor Soludo promised to make every day count through the delivery of dividends of good governance to ndi Anambra and he is doing exactly what he promised.

Our continuous support will help to encourage him to do more.